Make these three small changes to your website to help you gain an advantage over your competitors.

  1. Test your website for conversion. Make sure that visitors to your site are enticed to take that next step that you want them to take: to book a consultation, to opt in for an email newsletter or to contact you for example.
  2. Change your copy to shine the light on your audience. Make your website stand out by focusing on your audience. Show them how THEY win by hiring you or by buying your products. Capture their attention by adding concrete results to case studies and by asking questions such as “Are you tired of losing money on your website?”
  3. Split out your big offering (break a crescent piece of the full moon!) Provide opportunities to get a foot in a door with a product or service offering at a lower price point that will allow you to build trust with your client and transition to the rest of a more complex project.

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