4 Lead Gen Triggers That Will Make Your Marketing Campaign a Roaring Success

As an oversaturation of advertisement swamps consumers, it can be hard to keep their attention. But with the help of lead gen triggers, you can get the focus back on you.

Lead generation is tricky. At the same time, if you want to make sales, you have to get them somehow. But how do you make a difficult endeavor easier? 

If you want to implement a successful marketing strategy these days, you need to know how to keep your audience’s attention. If that is not possible, you need to know how to recapture their gaze after they become distracted.

That is where lead gen triggers come into play. 

What Are Lead Gen Triggers?

A lead generation trigger automatically sends a message or notification after users meet certain conditions. It intends to turn a viewer into a sale or at least have them take action that may lead to one. Have you seen the pop-up windows often displayed on a website’s front page asking you to subscribe via email? There’s an example of a lead gen trigger.

Simply knowing what they are, however, doesn’t make lead gen triggers painless to use.

The Challenge of Lead Generation

If you’ve had trouble generating sales leads for your business, you are not alone. The majority of marketers are struggling: 61% have named lead generation as their number one challenge

That has only driven marketers to try harder: in 2020, 79% of respondents to a survey reported generating more quality leads as their primary goal. And you should be driven when it comes to lead generation — at least if you want to make money. 

How are you supposed to make money when finding and keeping a consumer’s attention is such a daunting task?

Use a lead gen trigger to snap their focus back to you. When done correctly, life becomes much more straightforward.

Four Types of Lead Generation Triggers

There are four primary types of lead gen triggers companies are using today. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, if your primary goal is to retain recurring customers, email may be the way to go. If you want to keep viewers glued to your site, you might want to go for an appropriately placed and timed pop-up.

Below, we’ll dive further into what to expect from each type of lead gen trigger. 

1. Push Notifications

Web push notifications deliver short messages directly to the consumer’s computer or phone. You must opt-in, which is where the push notification comes in. Once you’ve agreed to receive notifications, they will send whether you’re on the website or not. 

Push notifications offer a necessary solution to the frequent email subscription requests website browsers run into (although, those too, can be effective.) Many people don’t want to enter their personal information at every website they visit, especially now that all of them are asking for it. With push notifications, there’s no need to enter any personal data whatsoever. 

You can use push notifications to proactively overcome objections, share valuable tidbits of advice, or simply as a reminder to take action. Either way, you’re jogging the customer’s memory.

2. Chat Messages

Here’s a lead gen trigger that’s become quite common over the past few years. It can help answer customer questions proactively and drive them to the next step.

For instance, many business websites have a live support chat feature that instantly appears when you enter the site. This way, if a visitor has a question, they can have it immediately and accurately answered — no more digging for an FAQ section.

Even just giving the option of support can influence someone’s purchasing decisions in your direction.

3. Email

You may think email is outdated — it’s not. Still extraordinarily useful in the B2B business world, correctly implemented lead gen trigger emails can offer a more personal touch. They also yield high ROI.

Email offers many marketing options. You can use it to send a customized catalog, remind consumers of products in their shopping carts, upsell from products they already viewed, or send high-quality content that builds trust.

Here are a few other scenarios when emails can be effective:

  • If the customer downloads content
  • If they complete a purchase
  • If they’ve been highly active or inactive
  • If they’ve signed up for a new subscription 
  • If they viewed a specific page on your site

Sending triggered emails after taking action will optimize your customer connection and sales results. Not only that, but it will help you retain long-term customers.

4. Pop-up Windows

Although you may run into them often, pop-up windows aren’t always practical. However, they’re excellent sales generators when executed correctly. You just need to keep in mind that these lead gen triggers are less targeted than some of the others on this list. 

Pop-ups aren’t just for notifications. You can also use them to direct traffic, capture contact info, or conduct surveys. 

Hot tip: don’t bombard your viewer with a pop-up immediately. If you do, it’s more likely that your viewer will bounce. However, if you let them browse a bit first and become comfortable with your site, a pop-up will likely be much more powerful.

How to Effectively Use Lead Generation Triggers

Now you know what lead gen triggers are: but how do you use them? It’s time to make some sales. To do so, there are a few simple steps to follow.

What you’re looking to do is successfully merge sales, marketing, and technology. We have a few tips on that as well. Want even more information on how to accelerate your sales significantly? We wrote a book on it. 

Back to lead gen triggers — here’s what to do:

  • Find your best trigger: Complete research into your consumer base — this will tell you which lead gen trigger best matches your customer’s needs.
  • Tailor your offer: Know your target audience, and tailor your trigger to the viewer. Personalization is the name of the game. 
  • Time your presentation right: Coming off over-eager is a turn-off, and waiting too long could mean you lose a customer. Try to find the sweet spot to avoid overwhelming your viewer while still keeping their eyes on you. 
  • Analyze the results: An all-important step, ensure you’re continuously keeping track of how you’re doing. When something isn’t working, adjust. 

If You Want Sales, Use Lead Generation Triggers

In 2021, if you want your business to make money, it is essential to start using lead generation triggers. If you don’t, you’re missing out on potential customers. Quite possibly, many of them.

By using lead gen triggers efficiently, you can create a more personalized experience and an environment your consumer feels comfortable in.

By following these tips and seeking continuous improvement, digging deep into your target audience, and offering proactive solutions, you’ll go far. It’s time to get behind a new marketing strategy. 

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