WordPress is an incredibly popular content management system because of its flexibility and ease of use. But its popularity also makes it vulnerable to security problems and malicious hijacking attacks, due to its open source core software and the number of websites using it.

While WordPress is still a great publishing platform, security risks cannot be ignored. Safeguard your website by making these five WordPress security tweaks.

Always Use Strong Passwords

wordpress securityHaving a strong password protects your WordPress Admin from hackers. That means you should avoid using any personal information related to your business or website. If you need help creating a tough-to-crack password, Strong Password Generator makes it easy by generating it for you.

Also, be sure to store your password in a safe place. It’s OK to copy and paste it from your computer, as long as your storage is secure. For even greater peace of mind, you can use a password manager like LastPass or Zoho Vault to keep your login information secure. While there are paid versions of this software, you can usually find a free option for personal use.

Choose Your Plugins Carefully

There’s a vast number of WordPress plugins available, but that doesn’t mean you should install plugins without properly vetting them first. As an end-user, you’re trusting the plugin developers to write secure code and keep it updated. So before you hit “add new,” take a little time to check out the plugin’s reviews on WordPress.org and do a few quick online searches to verify that it has a good reputation in developer communities.

Remember, your website is only as good as your weakest plugin. And having fewer plugins is always better.

Check for Updates Often

Whenever you see a new update in your WordPress Admin, be sure to handle it right away. This goes for your database as well as your plugins. With every security update, attackers are quick to pick up on new holes in the old version, which they can potentially use to hack into your website.

WordPress should be actively monitored, so it’s a good idea to set a weekly calendar reminder to login to your account and check for any available updates.

Not techy? No worries. iThemes Security Pro can help you keep your site secure with just one click. Another option is to sign-up for a monthly website maintenance plan, which will ensure your website is safe, secure and up to date.

Run a Full Website Backup

If your website went down right now, how much would it cost you in lost data, functionality, leads and customers? Getting your website up and running after it has been hacked is a much smoother process when you have an exact copy of your database stored safely offsite. And even if your website is well-protected, all it takes is one catastrophic server crash for your virtual space disappear.

It’s always a smart idea to run a full backup your website every week, and especially before updating the WordPress database. Reliable plugins like BackupBuddy and UpdraftPlus Backup help you to easily manage and store your backups.

wordpress backup plugins

Listen to the Experts

Your developer, your hosting company and the general tech community are pretty knowledgeable about WordPress and website security. Don’t be afraid to ask for – and implement – their advice.

Over to You

When you make the effort to keep your WordPress website secure, chances are, it will be. Need help safeguarding your website? Stop worrying about all the little things that could go wrong and let us handle it all for you. From weekly backups to core updates, consider us your personal WordPress concierge. Check our Website Care Plans today and find the option that’s right for your business.