As our team’s Digital Marketing Manager, Aimee focuses on optimizing opportunity by utilizing various social media platforms and online marketing techniques in a way that always feels relatable and down-to-earth for your business. After studying Psychology and English at the University of Ottawa, Aimee worked at Shopify focusing on marketing strategy and tech support for new merchants. She has extensive experience in helping clients sell online, in store, on social media, and from anywhere in the world!

From content creation, compelling promotions, to big picture projects and marketing strategies, Aimee’s impeccable attention to details and organization make her the perfect addition to your project management team. Perhaps one of the best things about Aimee is her ability to learn quickly and efficiently, so she’s always knowledgeable on new programs or marketing streams, as well as being able to think and work quickly if a client introduces a new platform or idea.

Aimee works from her home in Ottawa, Canada, and although she may be a Canadian by birth (and by heart), she craves strong urges to explore the world. Travelling creates inspiration for her travel blog, but her dog, Rocky, keeps her from straying too far. When she’s not travelling or working, she’s busy kicking the ball around on a soccer field, hiking the Gatineau Hills, or cozying up on the couch with her man, her pup, and a good flick.