Angeleigh Guy


Angeleigh is one of Fingerprint Marketing’s Designers. Her career path to get here weaved through a multitude of facets and interests, including emergency medicine and teaching art to children, but through it all, her passion for helping people be the best they can be remained the unwavering core.

She consistently shows that this drive is invaluable when working with clients to achieve their design goals. Her technical strengths in design includes focusing on ease of user experience, strong UI and efficient design that accomplishes the goals of the client.

Angeleigh strives to always be broadening her perspectives and horizons and traveling is her favorite way to do so. Though she feels her heart and home will be in Seattle for the foreseeable future, she has traveled to four of seven continents and through embracing the intricacies of different cultures, she has honed her observational and analytical abilities. For fun, Angeleigh enjoys expressing her athleticism through a variety of martial arts and fostering her artistic and nurturing side by cultivating her expansive garden.


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