When Erin was a kid she dreamed of being a “big deal”; climbing the corporate ladder and having an important title. Boy did that turn out differently than the childhood dream. Once she realized that lifestyle and job were way too boring and stuffy, she branched out with the goal to help businesses achieve their dreams and realize their potential! After all, what does a title really buy you? A higher salary or more recognition? Maybe. At the end of the day it’s not about that to Erin, it’s about knowing she’s helped someone every day that sun goes down over the ocean.

She’s lived in every country on the West Coast, finally settling on a beautiful and peaceful island in Northern Washington called Whidbey Island. She loves traveling, spending time with her kiddos and husband. Most of all, Erin loves to see the world and learn about other people’s cultures and lives. Both in her personal and professional life Erin is all about learning about the shoes that others walk in, and bettering their paths. Personally, she prefers a pair of flip flops on warm sand.