Michael Hoban

Project Manager

As Fingerprint Marketing’s Project Manager, Michael combines three decades of management and IT experience, which he uses every day to enhance our customer experience. Although he studied Business Agility and Information Systems in college and pursued History and Linguistics in university, he has worked as a manager for companies such as Compaq, Entrust Technologies, and Dell Canada just to name a few.

Although Michael spent the first part of his life living in numerous countries with his family, he now lives with his lady, three kids, and two cats. Michael enjoys throwing costume parties, having a house concert and just enjoying a nice glass of red wine and good food with family and friends.

Michael worked his first position as a Project Manager at the age of 27

Project Manager for FingerPrint Marketing since 2017

Michael has lived in Trinidad and Tobago, London England, Costa Rica and the United States


Canadian Free Style Martial Arts

Michael's Strengths Include:

Management·Organization·Team Building·Customer Service

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