We know that your business is unique (kinda’ like your fingerprint!) so cookie cutter templates and so-so strategies gotta go.

You need a team that thinks outside of the ordinary — a team that actually listens to you and works to make your dreams become real (and that’s us!)

Together, we’ll stake a claim on your very own piece of cyber-real estate — a site that will help present your business to the world so you can grow your online presence, raise brand awareness, increase profits, and gain the market advantage, all while leaving your competitors eating your dust.

With Fingerprint Marketing, you’ll always know where we are in the process of your project. We keep no secrets and will always welcome your calls and emails. We have a serious thing about building trust with our clients.

You’ll love that we’re obsessed with being on time, on budget, and leaving a lasting impression.

So how does it all work?

1. All about you and your business

Nice to meet ya!

This is where we get to hear your story, so lay it out for us  — who are you, what do you do, why do you do it, and what are your dreams? This part of the process is so important for everything else that comes later! Together, we’ll figure out how you can ram through roadblocks, build up your business, and take it to the top. Don’t worry, you won’t have to lie on a couch and tell us all all about your relationship with your mother (well, unless you want to…)

Who loves you?

Now that we know about you, we want to know about your customers — Who are they? What do they like? Where do they live? Why and how do they buy from you? How can you keep them coming back for more? How do they like their coffee? Real or a rug?  What is THEIR relationship with your mother? All of this, and more, will help us make the best recommendations possible so that your website works for you — you get the biggest gain with so much less pain.

Who doesn’t love you?

Once we know those peeps, we’re gonna get really intimate with your competitors (this part is so fun!) We’ll stalk them and find out what they have that you need and then add it to your bag o’ tricks. We’ll find out why customers that could be buying from you are going to them and craft a plot to lure them away. We’ll start a smear campaign against your competitors so that you can achieve world domination. Not really. We don’t do that. But we will help you achieve market domination!

2. Let’s draw it out

Kinda’ like Pictionary

We create a digital outline of your new website first so that all of the pages and navigation can be worked out. This is a crucial step because your site visitors will turn and run if the pages aren’t fast to load, easy to view, if the navigation bites, and if your site isn’t engaging. And just what do those visitors do when they turn and run? They search for your competitors, of course and that’s the last thing we want! Before we ever code anything, these drafts represent the big website picture.

Show us what you’ve got!

You’ve got good taste, so let’s use it (and if you don’t, we can help!) We’ll research and present styles, designs, and overall looks until they speak to you, represent your industry, and that will suck in customers like a Dyson on steroids! We’ll get ideas for your color scheme, navigation preferences — are you an ‘across the top’ or a ‘down the left side’ kind of person? What kind of general layout do you prefer? We’ll put all of that info into a big blender and come out with a concoction worthy of a little paper umbrella.

Tech Talk

Breathe, honey. This is the part that freaks everyone out and we’re gonna make this very easy on you. Instead of teaching you about domain names, hosting services, SEO, mobile responsiveness, back-end features, Ecommerce, analytics, APIs, and a partridge in a pear tree, we’ll just do it.

We promise to keep you informed and involved every step of the way, but this is what we do and we do it well, so you’re in really good hands.

3. Brief time

We only have this time for a little bit…

To figure out the scope and timeline, we’ll take your ideas, match those up with all of the bar napkins we took our notes on, and draft a concise design brief that you will find nothing short of brilliant. Now, we’re not talking about some skimpy thong-style brief here — nope, we’re talking a full coverage, granny-panty-style brief. After this, you will completely understand why Do It Yourself and bargain websites just don’t cut it in today’s business world.

You, of course, get to touch our briefs (see, no secrets here), work with us to adjust it, decide on a timeline and fee structure, and then BAM… we’re in business.

From here, we’ll scurry off to our happy place to start the development. This is where you get to sit back for a minute and wait with excited anticipation while we do the work. You’ll feel like a kid waiting for the ice cream truck — heck, we might even give you a dollar for a Drumstick.

Development and Design

This is our favorite part. We’ll get all caffeined up, get creative, geek out, and grind out this new thing for you… a thing that will knock your socks off, even if you’re not wearing any. All transparent to you, we’ll fuss over it, put it under heavy scrutiny, stress out a little, have some more caffeine, wonder if you’ll like it, and then… with a calm and confident smile, we’ll give you a peek.

Puruse and Polish

Now it’s your turn. Tell us what you think… what you really, really think. We want to know, we need to know. Do you like it? Do you hate it? It’s your opinion that counts here. We can take anything you have to say — the good, the bad, and even the ugly.

This is YOUR business and we want to produce something that you will be proud to show your customers, your friends, your colleagues, and even your mama. Most of all, we want your competitors to shake in their boots when they see it (and trust us,
they’ll be looking!)

We want to make sure you’re as happy with your new website as we are. Changes and adjustments? Okay. Don’t like that putrid shade of green you thought you loved? No problem. That picture of Cousin Eddie we used isn’t working for ya? We’ll change it. We’ll be done when you say we’re done.

4. The Big launch

Buckle up, we’re going for a ride!

Whew, we’re ready! (is your heart racing as fast as ours?) After we do some testing and other magical stuff, it’s time to conduct the launch sequence and start the countdown. 3-2-1, lift-off!!

And once we hit that big red button and your site takes off into cyberspace, we’ll make a big announcement to the search engines. Now it’s time to pop the cork on the champagne bottle and celebrate big-time. Congratulations, you are now officially leaving your mark on the world!

Care and Feeding

Don’t stop now – let’s talk about maintenance. That beautiful new website will eventually start to sag a little unless we give it a little nip & tuck here & there. Believe us, an occasional makeover is much better than a total do-over. We’ll work to keep the party popping in the front and the business booming in the rear.

Work with us so your website doesn’t look like it came from the 90s (that’s bad!) We always stay up on the newest design trends so we know when it’s time for a little “procedure” (that’s good!)

Anytime you want changes, reach out to us and we’ll map out a timeline, agree on fees, and get it lookin’ good and workin’ fine.