Leave your mark! Create a Profitable Online Business Presence that is as Unique as Your Fingerprint

In just 8 seconds, a visitor to your website will either decide to stay and see what you have to offer or exit and move on to one of your competitors.

Now more than ever, your website must prove that your business is exactly what your potential customer is looking for. If you can’t provide that proof in 8 seconds, you’ll lose them.

Pia Larson, Chief Imagination Officer at Fingerprint Marketing, is an expert in helping small business owners become insanely successful by capitalizing on the power of technology. Whatever the goal is — grow the business, gain more profits, or go automated — Pia knows just what it takes to get the job done.

In Pia’s signature presentation, you’ll discover how to win with 10 critically important insights:


THE ONE THING you can do today that will create a massive change in your online marketing 


How to look BIG and IMPORTANT online, even if your business is still small


Exactly what potential customers are looking for when they visit your website.


What your site MUST HAVE to get viewers to stay and do business with you.


The deadliest mistakes small business owners make with their websites— and how you can avoid them


The secrets to a kick-ass site that the other guys don’t know — and that will give you the competitive edge!


Why valuable content and compelling sales copy is NOT an option anymore.


How to START using video on your site — without fear!


How to STOP being price-gouged and held hostage by a webmaster who just doesn’t “get” you or your business (and has no desire to learn!)


Why most businesses are actually embarrassed by their websites— and how not to be one of them!

Pia Larson

Pia brings over 25 years of marketing experience to Fingerprint Marketing – her third successful small business. She designed this full-service digital agency to help small business owners crush their competition through beautiful web design, smart branding, and strategic digital marketing. As a self-proclaimed “marketing crash test dummy,” Pia knows both the pain and the triumph that entrepreneurs experience — and how marketing can be the missing element between full-on failure and fantastic fortune.

Collectively, Pia’s team offers over 150 years of experience to their clients, most of whom have doubled their business by partnering with Fingerprint Marketing.

Pia Larson’s business wisdom and insight will inspire small business owners to get serious about their online presence and to consider new and innovative ways to get it right through the power of technology.

Praise for pia

“I loved Pia’s talk, she had enthusiasm and authority and I learned a ton about people’s online habits, how important my brand is and how intricate the online world has become. The way that people seek out information is changing and there are so many different platforms. She really knew her stuff and made it easy for someone like me, who doesn’t know much about marketing, branding and site building, easy to understand.” -Lara Currie, Author of Difficult Happens, Communication Specialist and Coach

“Not all speakers are created equal. And Pia Larson, of Fingerprint Marketing, is head and shoulders above other website experts that I’ve heard speak. A tech nerd who can make technology exciting, she engages without being in your face, shows her expertise without being condescending to the audience, and delivers just the kind of information you need to make the investment of your time worthwhile.” –Laura Brodniak, Realtor, Windermere