Case Study: Aldaris CPA Group

SEO to Help Professional Services Rank Better and Grow Leads

“Between 2015 and 2016, my gross receipts increased by 496%”

– Edwin Del Caprio, Founder & Managing Director, Aldaris CPA Group

Aldaris CPA Group is a Seattle-area Certified Public Accountant group that offers personalized, expert accounting services throughout the year—not just during tax season. In addition to helping clients with their short-term and long-term goals, Aldaris CPA Group supports businesses through every facet of their evolution. In addition, they provide bookkeeping services, part-time controller/CFO services, personal financial management, and credit management.

Using only SEO, Fingerprint Marketing helped Aldaris CPA Group rank on the first page of Google with two search keyword variations and increase their gross receipts.

Key Outcomes
  • Aldaris CPA Group’s new inbound leads from organic traffic rose to an average of 6–7 per week—from nearly zero!
  • Using only a targeted SEO strategy, Aldaris CPA Group increased its gross receipts by 496% using entirelySEO. 
  • Aldaris CPA Group ranked on the first page of Google with 2 search keyword variations.
Where Did Fingerprint Marketing Come In?

Before working with Fingerprint Marketing, Aldaris CPA Group had a hard time reaching qualified leads with information about their accounting services. Traditional marketing strategies weren’t working—and they were costly to implement. However, it was clear that potential leads were searching Google for information about nearby accountants. The solution was simple: Aldaris CPA Group needed to ran better in Google to get found more easily by all those potential clients! Fingerprint Marketing’s targeted SEO strategy was a comparatively inexpensive marketing technique with a substantial return on investment.

“On an average day, I have between 6 and 7 inbound leads either by phone or by contacting me via the website.”

~Edwin del Carpio, Founder & Managing Director, Aldaris CPA Group

The results?

Within just a few months, Aldaris CPA Group’s inbound leads were growing. In less than a year, Aldaris was receiving a 6–7 new inbound leads every single day. Fingerprint Marketing’s SEO strategy efficiently and effectively drove traffic toward Aldaris’s website and improved their bottom line. Why? Because modern consumers looking for professional services turn to Google! Harnessing the Google power is key to maximizing your business’s growth potential.

Between 2015 and 2016 my gross receipts increased by 496%. I don’t think I would have achieved that kind of result with traditional forms of marketing. If you are starting your own practice, invest in SEO.”

-Edwin del Carpio, Founder & Managing Director, Aldaris CPA Group

Keywords Ranked

Aldaris CPA Group ranks on the first page for both “Seattle tax accountant” and “small business accountant Seattle”.

Keyword Strategy

Because Aldaris CPA Group is a regional accounting service, they draw most of their customers from the surrounding Seattle area. This is important information for an effective SEO strategy! Why? Because keywords with a geographical focus are more likely to draw qualified leads and convert them into paying customers. That’s right! When people search for professional services using local keywords (like “Seattle”) they are typically already interested in engaging those services. They’re just trying to figure out which local option is the best fit.

Now, in addition to recognizing the importance of local keywords for professional services, Fingerprint Marketing also focuses on relevance and authority. These two concepts help keywords rank because they make sure that Google understands what your site’s pages are about (relevance) and build Google’s faith that your site is useful (authority). Fingerprint made sure that each of Aldaris CPA Group’s service pages were optimized to let Google know their relevance for searchers and helped the business develop high-quality website content to signal Google that Aldaris is a reputable authority that offers searchers just what they’re looking for.

As the Aldaris CPA Group’s experience shows, an awesome SEO strategy is a powerful way to help a professional services business grow profits in a busy marketplace.

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