22. Animation Storytelling and Marketing Success with Karl Pontau


Can you tell your story with animation? In this episode of Make Your Marketing, I interviewed Karl Pontau, who is the owner of Squash and Stretch Productions, an animation studio outside of San Francisco. And this is such a great episode here. So many golden nuggets of why you should consider animation-style explainer videos to tell your story for your business.

There are different ways to create emotion and to save time through explainer videos, you distill your idea into these “shorts” and it goes much farther than just the cheap explainer videos that we’re used to seeing in the market. You’re going to want to take your notes, and maybe even listen a couple of times – Karl has some great takeaways.

He and his team create custom animations to explain very complex concepts. We’re going to talk about some of the things that he’s helped businesses explain and how he crafts a story formula that works for these videos. I even get vulnerable and let Karl review my website using his five-point assessment, and it’s quite revealing. You can get the same powerful review for free. The link is in the notes and mentioned in the episode.

And he has quite an origin story explaining why he got into animation. So I hope you give it a listen, this is a good one! ~ Pia

About Karl Pontau

Karl Pontau is the owner of Squash and Stretch Productions. When tech, biotech, and healthcare companies need to explain complex concepts, generate more revenue, or strengthen their brand presence online, Karl and his team help them by telling exceptional stories using high-quality, custom animated content. The key to explaining complex concepts is not to throw information at your audience, but rather to tell a story that provides context and structure.

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Highlights from the Conversation

  • Welcome to episode 22!
  • Karl shares his unique and very powerful story about his journey into animation.
  • Trying to describe a complex problem you are solving? Animation can help!
  • Squash and Stretch? Karl tells us what that means and how it ties into his business.
  • Karl has several inspirational figures and businesses that drive his creativity.
  • Stories are not just for entertainment.
  • Karl shared a couple of complicated concepts they have used animation to explain, These case studies are gold!
  • Animation can be used as more than just a simple explainer video.
  • These can be great for attracting clients, saving time, and clarifying your message.
  • It’s important to describe your customer’s experience with you.
  • Karl explains his five-point messaging assessment, then shares his assessment of Fingerprint Marketing.
  • Be sure and get your free assessment too, it’s so valuable!

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