I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while but hoping things were going to get better. I’m sure most of you have seen or subscribe to daily deals through Groupon, Living Social, Bloomspot, etc, etc, etc. Some of you may have even marketed your business on these sites. What do you see when you click on the website link for the company offering the deal? You would expect to see a nicely designed website. Why else would a company advertise on say a Groupon and lead their potential leads to anything BUT a professional and user friendly site? Alas, it is rare. What I typically find is a poorly designed site, an outdated site or (gasp) no site at all???

Now I ask you, why would any smart business owner broadcast to the “local” world that they have this screaming deal, entice their customers to try them out but forget the most important step? Leading them to their virtual storefront that is professionally designed and beautifully crafted. Perhaps it is not in their budget to have a great site designed to represent their business? Maybe they are hoping a Groupon deal will generate enough cash to allow them to then get a great site built? This thinking is so wrong in so many ways.

Your website is your number one priority BEFORE you break out those awesome, gotta share with my BFF, buy one for my cousin, deals! You only get one time to make a first impression. Don’t let that impression be the wrong one. Pulling off one of these great local deals allows you the opportunity to garner thousands of eyeball views of your business online. Don’t waste this opportunity. Some people may not be interested in your current deal but after they view your site, may be interested in contacting you for other services, or products. The best part? You don’t even need a full website…just a super smart and nicely crafted landing page.

So before you put up the “One day only sale” sign on these crowd-sourced deal sites, take a second look at your online presence. Give us a call if you want us to take a quick view or contact us for a 15 minute phone consultation.