Benefits of WordPress

You already know the benefits of over A free WordPress blog is no place for a professional online brand (as this infographic clearly shows). A self-hosted website using is 100% owned by you. Your site design is unrestricted and you have full access to a powerful content management system. You may even be surprised by some of the dynamic benefits of WordPress. You’ll soon see that it’s much more than just a blogging platform.

Benefits of WordPressFirst, you have an important decision to make.

Do you want to be unique or generic?

Take your time; think about it, no rush. I’ll rephrase the question, if it helps.

Do you prefer a one-of-a-kind website design or the same design as hundreds of other sites?

The first one? Good choice, I know you don’t want a cookie cutter theme.

That’s why I’ll pretend you weren’t really just thinking about using a WordPress theme.

That can be our inside joke. When you see me wearing the same shirt as you, we’ll both know why. I’ll be silently reminding you of that time you considered letting your website look like everyone else’s. A shared theme…. really, you crack me up.

WordPress is primed for web design

You obviously want your online presence to look professional. You want a defined website design that visitors instantly associate with your brand. Your website needs to be built around your brand. This is what web designers (good ones) are for. Luckily, professional web designers love working with WordPress. Self-hosted and open source means:

  • more control
  • more documentation and
  • more options for unique design

Let’s talk about the benefits of WordPress that matter most… saving time and money.

WordPress is free and reigns as the most popular blogging system on the web.  Absolutely no programming knowledge is required to post content (articles, images, videos) on WordPress. Content management with WordPress is literally as simple as entering text into an editor.  No programming languages to learn; just simple point and click options like you already use to surf the internet.

WordPress is built with flexible customization in mind. Dynamic databases, social media integration and responsive displays are fully functional with WordPress. Any web designer worth their weight in code can bring dynamic features to your website. Ask for everything you want before the design process begins. Don’t underestimate what’s possible. Get an estimate for what will make it possible.

Plus, your blog doesn’t have to look like a blog.

WordPress Web Designer

Blogging is where WordPress thrives, chosen by 48% of the top 100 blogs. Having a blog is important; but, lucky for you, the benefits of WordPress don’t stop at blog.

WordPress has been fine tuning content management since 2003. A blog is no longer just a simple “web log” of personal thoughts and essays. In fact, some of the most popular dynamic websites qualify as blogs for being “discussion or informational” oriented.

Do you know a blog when you see it?

I really doubt you can pick out all of the blogs from this list. If you get them all, I’ll be impressed, leave a comment to claim your respect.

Which of these sites are blogs?

  • Gawker
  • The Huffington Post
  • The Onion
  • Mashable
  • TechCrunch

Take some time to think about it, and I’ll post the answer below this article.

What are 2 long term benefits of WordPress?

With your customized, self-hosted, website in place, two benefits are likely:

#1 Your brand will draw attention… for the right reasons.

You can have a simple blog or a high traffic online business with WordPress. Most, if not all, of your visitors won’t know that your site is built on WordPress. Your visitors will simply appreciate that your site looks good; and may keep you in mind next time they’re online.

#2 Your problems will change… into more profitable problems.

You no longer need to worry about learning programming to have a website. WordPress helps your web designer create your ideal site, and then gives you full control of your content. You can easily create a draft page and start testing out features yourself, or hire a professional for your website maintenance. Either way, you’ll need fresh content to keep your returning visitors happy.

Answer to “Which of these sites are blogs?”:

All of them.

Data Source:

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