Business Branding

Brands are for Cows

Somewhere in Texas, a legit horse-riding cowboy is rolling his eyes that marketing uses the world “branding” to describe logos, colors, fonts, and generally how good looking your business is. He’s looking at a hot poker with a symbol on it to mark his cows in case they wander off.
That’s not what we do.

Fingerprint Marketing Business Branding

Looks matter.

What we do is make you look goooooood — whatever that might mean for your business. Maybe it’s looking super street-smart, or maybe it’s posh and pristine, or maybe it’s fun and energetic, or poised and secure.

Whatever adjectives describe your business, we will help you design a look that matches them, so when your business wears them — on your website, business cards, and other marketing materials — your visual aesthetic will tell people a story.


80% of communications is visual.


The vast majority of folks are primarily visual learners. They need to SEE things to believe and understand them. And when they see things, they FEEL it inside. They feel… well, what is it you want your customers to feel?

THAT is what we want. We want your customers to get feely. Cause once they are feely, they buy.

How we get feely:


We help with your brand strategy. We decide what your adjectives are, what you want your clients to feel and the kinds of people you want to feel it (your ideal client avatars). We use that to develop your tagline so your tribe
recognizes you instantly. Then we take all the feels and put it into every aspect of your brand messaging so your story is unique.

Logo & Branded Marketing Materials

Your site needs to be an experience that clearly communicates how what you do is different (and way better!) than anything else they’ve tried. It’s going to be THE thing that delivers results. The “look no further” factor. To do this, you need content that is on fire, imagery that grabs attention immediately and responsive design (hint: your site’s gotta maintain that fire across all mediums — mobile, laptop, tablets).


Transactional Branding

Your website is not the extent of your web branding. Depending on your business niche, you will have a presence – whether you want it or not – on a variety of websites that specialize in critiquing customer experiences with you (Yelp, Angie’s List, Amazon reviews – just to name a few). This is an area of branding you can only hope to influence, but must be aware of and work to manage. We will identify which websites are reviewing your business and how to impact your branding on those sites (there are a few key tips and tricks for this business owners tend to miss!). Quite simply, we will help encourage positive feedback and reduce the impact of any negative interactions.

Ready to look so good?

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