Case Study: Novacomp

How a Costa Rican IT Company Conquered the U.S. Market


When Latin American IT outsourcing company Novacomp made the decision to break into the U.S. market, they hired Fingerprint Marketing to help them make a name for themselves and generate leads. We took a multi-pronged approach that included sales team acceleration, strategic LinkedIn outreach, and data-driven email marketing. Through introducing automation to free up Novacomp’s salespeople to focus on meetings instead of busywork and using cutting-edge data science to deliver highly personalized messaging to targeted executives, Fingerprint Marketing helped Novacomp successfully expand into the U.S. market — and not only meet but drastically exceed their initial revenue goal of $500k.

The Novacomp Story

Novacomp is an IT company based in Costa Rica. Since 1997, they’ve offered a range of diverse services including software analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, and maintenance. They specialize in nearshore outsourcing, offering their expertise remotely to companies operating in nearby countries.

Their clients span SMEs to large enterprises in industries including financial services, healthcare, technology, food production and distribution, and government. Their client portfolio includes Intel, Pan-American Life Insurance Group, Del Monte Fresh Produce, Scotiabank, BAC Credomatic, DHL, and Flecha Roja Technologies S.A.

In 2020, Novacomp was recognized by the data-driven market research organization Clutch as one of the top B2B companies in Costa Rica. Their clients love their responsiveness, technical expertise, professionalism, and flexibility.

Novacomp’s Challenge

Novacomp had developed a robust and diverse customer portfolio in Costa Rica and other parts of Latin America and they were determined to break into the U.S. market in 2021. Their expansion plan focused on key metropolitan cities, including Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, as their nearby timezone made them ideal for nearshoring IT fulfillment.

Their challenge? To build up their profile in these markets, identify and create connections with key decision-makers in their target companies, and deliver messaging that resonated and communicated the incredible value that they offer to their clients.

And we were up for it.

Why Novacomp Chose Fingerprint Marketing

Fingerprint Marketing is known for helping our clients attract, engage, and convert more leads into paying customers — and our reputation precedes us. Novacomp discovered Fingerprint Marketing via a referral recommending that the IT company partner with us for their American expansion strategy. While they had previously partnered with another agency for lead generation, those efforts had resulted in zero leads.

We chose to work with Novacomp because we recognized their potential to make a big splash in their desired markets. Novacomp chose to work with us because of our reputation in the Seattle market for lead generation.

It was a match made in marketing heaven.

How Fingerprint Marketing Helped

Fingerprint Marketing took a multi-pronged approach to optimize Novacomp’s results.

Recognizing that Novacomp was blessed with an excellent sales team, we helped them automate their sales processes so that their people could devote more of their time to taking meetings and closing deals, rather than dealing with administrative tasks.

Next, we helped them find their market. While they were initially focused on system integration companies, they found that this targeting led to smaller contract sizes and more local requests, rather than the juicier contracts and American clients they desired. We shifted and honed their targeting in order to acquire leads for more lucrative deals in their key locations, using extensive research data to identify the most promising companies — as well as the decision-makers on LinkedIn that we wanted to reach out to.

We developed their positioning and built a sales pitch that highlighted the benefits of partnering with a nearshore IT company. We created customized map graphics for each of their prospects which included both Novacomp’s logo and the prospect company’s logo, illustrating their time zone proximity in beautiful full-color.

Personalization played a large role throughout the entire cold email campaign. In addition to the customized graphics, we used data science to create highly personalized emails catered to their ideal customer, giving the impression of handwritten messages rather than impersonal forms — we even played up the safety, comfort, and beauty of Costa Rican business trips for senior executives.

And it worked.

The Results

Novacomp’s initial goal when partnering with Fingerprint Marketing was to increase their annual revenue to $500k through developing new business partnerships with American companies. Not only did they achieve this goal, but they exceeded it, reaching $2 million in revenue for that calendar year with a cost-per-meeting of just $250.

The strategic campaign implemented by Fingerprint Marketing resulted in 136 highly qualified leads and created a pipeline so busy that Novacomp has since hired an additional business development manager.

Novacomp now operates very successfully in their preferred markets, has quality leads all over the U.S., and plans to triple their efforts in 2022. Not too bad!

Now It’s Your Turn!

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