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When Blake from Sunshine Movers approached Fingerprint Marketing, he had a strong hunch that potential customers were actively searching for moving services like those offered by his company. The extent to which SEO-based marketing could benefit Sunshine Movers was very clear to him. Before engaging with Fingerprint Marketing, Blake had invested thousands in developing his website’s user interface as well as hiring a writer to create high-quality content for his website. 

With Fingerprint Marketing’s help, Sunshine Movers launched an SEO-based marketing campaign that resulted in 1st page rankings on Google with a substantial return on investment.

The Challenge

When Blake reached out to Fingerprint Marketing, he knew that people were searching for moving services near Sarasota. But he was unsure of what his next step should be to get more of his pages ranking for local search keywords such as movers and packers near Sarasota. Using our tested and tried local SEO playbook to execute a first-rate campaign, we focused on developing the following pillars:

Fingerprint Marketing’s SEO Playbook

Keyword Relevance

For Sunshine Movers’ SEO campaign, achieving keyword relevance involved a meticulous process of identifying and integrating keywords that were highly pertinent to their business and target audience. This strategic approach resulted in a remarkable boost in their search engine visibility, evidenced by the following:

Significant Increase in Top Rankings: The campaign effectively elevated Sunshine Movers’ presence in Google’s top 3 search results, seeing more than a 200% increase. This doubling in top 3 keywords highlights the successful targeting of relevant keywords.

Focused Keyword Research: The strategy included comprehensive keyword research tailored to the moving industry. This research helped in understanding the specific search terms used by potential clients, ensuring that the website content resonated with their queries and needs. 


Integration into Website Content: The identified keywords were seamlessly integrated into the website’s content. This not only improved the site’s relevance in search engines but also ensured that the content was directly addressing the users’ search intents.

Local SEO Emphasis: Given the nature of their business, local SEO tactics were employed, focusing on keywords that were geographically relevant, enhancing visibility in local search results. 

In summary, Sunshine Movers’ SEO campaign was a successful exercise in keyword relevance, aligning their online content with the search behaviors of their target audience, thereby significantly improving their search engine rankings.

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Content optimization was a key component in the SEO campaign for Sunshine Movers, significantly contributing to their online visibility and search engine ranking. This strategy entailed several critical steps:

Tailored Content Creation: The campaign focused on developing content that specifically catered to the moving industry’s audience. This involved crafting articles, blog posts, and web pages that addressed common questions, concerns, and interests of those seeking moving services.

Keyword Integration: Careful integration of industry-specific and geo-targeted keywords was implemented within the content. This not only improved search relevance but also helped in capturing local search traffic, which is crucial for a moving company.

content optimization
Quality and Relevance: Emphasis was placed on the quality and relevance of the content. This ensured that the information provided was not only useful to the target audience but also aligned with current search engine algorithms that favor high-quality, relevant content.

Regular Updates and Maintenance: The campaign included regular updates and maintenance of the website’s content, ensuring it stayed current and continued to meet the evolving needs of the audience and search engine standards.

Utilizing Data-Driven Insights: By employing big data analytics, the campaign could refine the content strategy continuously, ensuring that it adapted to changing market trends and search behaviors.

Link Building

The success of Sunshine Movers in Google’s local search results can be significantly attributed to the development of domain authority and the building of backlinks from authoritative websites. Here’s how these factors played a crucial role:

Building Domain Rating: Domain Rating (DR) is a metric that predicts a website’s ability to rank on search engines. FingerPrint Marketing focused on enhancing Sunshine Movers’s DR, which involved gaining trust and credibility in the eyes of search engines through backlink acquisition.

Domain Auth
Acquiring Quality Backlinks: Backlinks from authoritative sites are a key trust signal to search engines. By obtaining these backlinks, Sunshine Movers effectively signaled to Google that their site was a reliable and valuable resource, deserving of a higher ranking in search results.

Boosting Local SEO: For a local business like Sunshine Movers, local SEO is crucial. Building backlinks from local businesses and online directories improved their visibility in local search queries, making them more accessible to their target demographic.

Enhancing Search Engine Recognition: Backlinks from authoritative sites helped in distinguishing Sunshine Movers’ website from others, signaling to search engines that their content is valuable, relevant, and worthy of higher rankings.

Increasing Online Impact: The concerted effort to build domain authority through strategic backlinking significantly amplified Sunshine Movers’ online presence, enhancing their chances of ranking higher in local search results.


Reflecting on the significant achievements in SEO metrics, there was a remarkable improvement in both Domain Rating (DR) and Organic Traffic over a certain period. Specifically:

Domain Rating Improvement: The Domain Rating saw a substantial increase, moving up from a score of 14 to 39. This jump indicates a notable enhancement in the website’s authority and trustworthiness in the eyes of search engines.

Organic Traffic Growth: Concurrently, there was a significant rise in organic traffic, which escalated from 3,056 to 4,820. This growth in organic traffic highlights the effectiveness of the SEO strategies employed, resulting in more visitors finding the website through organic search queries.

These statistics underscore the success of the SEO campaign in elevating the website’s online presence and attractiveness to its target audience.

ResultsKeyword Rankings

From February 2023 to November 2023, there was a remarkable improvement in the SEO performance metrics. The number of keywords ranked in the top 3 positions soared by 217%, growing from 35 to 76. 

Keywords ranked on the lower first page, between the 4th and 10th positions, also saw a significant increase of 170%, escalating from 244 to 416. 

This notable change is a testament to the effectiveness of the implemented SEO strategies. In essence, the adept use of SEO techniques not only enhanced the online visibility of the website but also played a pivotal role in escalating both the website traffic and the overall business revenue within a short span of less than a year. 

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