GUEST BLOG: Tracey Crowley of Project Accelerator

Which race are you running in business? While you are in the thick of it, running the day-to-day pieces of your business, do you take the time to step back and really think about which race you are running?


Review Your WebsiteTop Tip: Review Your Website

Businesses, which are walking, are in a consistent growth pattern and feel largely like they have no competition. The risk if you are in this mode is complacency. Be sure to take a look at your website- has it been more than 2 years since you updated it? If you don’t think you have competition, you are probably fooling yourself.


Top Tip: Hone your Unique Selling Proposition

If your business is running flat out, you have little time to sleep, much less plan ahead or take a look at your competition, congratulations! This is a wonderful place to be, for a while. Remember sprinters have to stop and you will have to slow as well. Your risk is lack of focus, often sprinters can do nothing but react; avoid this by doing some quick review of your USP.


talking to your niche marketsTop Tip: Refine how you are talking to your niche markets

Your business is growing at a quick, but steady pace, you feel you are in a good place and running alongside your best competition with strength. Remember, as you set a pace, your competition will match it and the competition you really want, may be a little bit ahead of you- just out of sight. The risk for the marathoner is not pushing your pace- strive to set yourself ahead of your competition, line up even more precisely with your target and you will pull ahead, where you want to stay.


Top Tip: Establish a long term plan

Well past your first decade in business, you have seen many of your competitors come and go. Your website is tuned in, you know your Unique Selling Proposition inside and out and your niche markets are talking to you, keep up the good work! Your risk is potentially missing out on long-term planning like an exit strategy? Put these ideas out there so you can plan for them, not run up against them in the future.

Your competition is out there running this race too, remember to stop and look around once in a while or you just might miss it! Enjoy the race!

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 TracyAs an entrepreneur for over 30 years, Tracy began her foray into Competitive Analysis almost by accident. As she worked to build another company one of her roles was evaluating whether or not a business would be a good partner. In doing so she created a system, which enabled her to clearly differentiate businesses and identify which was the leader. This system is the key to her success today, after putting over 250 companies through this evaluation process its results are clear, the winners shine through.