20. Conversion Copy and Words That Attract Clients with Mara Glazer


What is direct response copy? And why is it an investment you must make in your business? Copy is every single word you use to promote, sell, and deliver your product or service in your business. And because you can’t promote and sell your offerings without communicating what they are and how they help people, your sales copy has one of the most important jobs in your company.

Today I’m talking with one of the best copywriters in the industry, Mara Glazer. Do you know you need amazing copy but just don’t have the time to sit down and get the words on paper? Or maybe you ace it when it comes to content but can’t seem to make your sales copy come to life. When you sit down to start writing your sales copy, do you find yourself at a loss for words? Listen to this episode and you’ll discover some tips and tricks to get you unstuck.

Having the right words on your website and within your brand message is critical to your success. If you confuse prospects, they won’t continue down your sales path or funnel. To create an engaged and interested audience, you will need the conversion copy that works, and that’s what Mara does best. She’s been called the “World’s Best Female Copywriter” for good reason. Check out our conversation, and you’ll be sure to come away with some golden nuggets, I know I did! ~ Pia

About Mara Glazer

Mara Glazer’s high school English writing teacher told her she didn’t have the skills she needed to be successful. (True story.)

So then how did she go on to be named “The World’s Best Female Direct Response Copywriter” by quite a few very successful marketing experts?

Her father, Bill Glazer, known to many as a direct response copywriting legend, and founder of Glazer Kennedy Insider’s Circle with Dan Kennedy (GKIC), personally taught her how to write direct response sales copy for 3 years.

But, he made her earn it first. She had to work for him for 6 months—for free—before he officially gave her a job. Then she had to figure out how to make money with social media… or she was told she would be out. (AKA – fired!) Well, she did… generating over a million dollars tracked back to social media in under 278 days—before Facebook ads were even a thing. After that is when he started to mentor her in writing direct response sales copy.

Her father built Glazer Kennedy Insider’s Circle into the largest education company of marketing and moneymaking information for small business owners around the globe, and then sold to a venture capital firm in 2011. That’s when Mara went out on her own.

Now Mara and her team of direct response copywriters “secretly” write for many of the most successful and top-earning entrepreneurs, marketers, influencers, and products around right now. She’s the woman people come to when they want copy and presentations that convert.

A few fun stats about her work:

Her #1-performing sales page of all time converted 52% of site visitors to buyers on a $197 offer, from an email list she was told was dead—they hadn’t been emailed in 6 months.​​

A recent email campaign she and her team created helped another client become the #1 affiliate for one of the largest launches in the online marketing niche. (I’m sure you know of it.) They surpassed their huge affiliate sales goal by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And, another campaign she wrote enrolled over 1,400 monthly recurring paying members into her influencer client’s brand-new membership program in just the first two weeks.

But the accomplishment she is most proud of is the good work she has been able to do in the world because of her success. Together with her parents, they raised over $70,000 for the Junior Achievement Organization to create a program teaching inner-city youth how they can start their own real businesses. And in the past 2 years, they raised enough money to sponsor 77 U.S. Veterans—who have experienced a stroke, just like her father—while they attend a month-long in-patient rehab program so they can get the best care.

Mara lives in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, with her French bulldog pup, Cosmo.

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Highlights from the Conversation

  • Welcome to episode 20!
  • Mara shares her story of how she became a direct response copywriting pro.
  • It’s important for business owners to know what good copy is, even if they are hiring it out.
  • Ask your prospects, clients, and customers what they want, then give it to them.
  • Survey prospects, so you can use their language in your copy.
  • Infuse personality into your copy – design the words, use ‘Copy Cosmetics.’
  • Go ahead, use slang and words you would use as if you were writing to a friend.
  • Think about yourself. Maybe you would have been your ideal client in the past.
  • The message could have a lot to do with the story of the founder if applicable.
  • Be clear when crafting messaging and talking to prospects.
  • Different people have different buying habits, so try to tune into your customers’ habits.
  • It’s important to continue to market via email in conjunction with other strategies.
  • Use your copy to move prospects from your website into a sales process or funnel.
  • The Situation Explanation: you want to explain, in detail, everything.
  • Map out what is going to happen in the sales process.
  • Videos can be very helpful to create engagement and connect with prospects.
  • Mara has a swipe file (sample emails) for you! Link below…
  • How to connect with Mara!

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