Are you the only business doing what you do? Wait, don’t answer; that’s a ridiculous question. Of course you ARE NOT the only business. You can claim you are, but your competitors may strongly disagree. Competition happens when consumers have a need to be met. It’s not a matter of IF a consumer will find a solution; it’s WHO they choose to fulfill their need. Higher demand means stronger competition. So, how do you lead consumers to choose your business and keep coming back?

Let’s talk a bit about how quality content and curation can help you attract and convert quality leads.

Before we delve in too far, it’s worth taking a moment to understand what a lead is and how to meet expectations with content and curation.

What is a lead?

When a consumer chooses to connect with your business, they become a lead. Your job, as a business, is to meet their needs leading up to a sale, and earn them as a long term follower. They may not buy yet, but your business will build authority with them until they are ready. The question becomes:

How do you keep leads you already have?

convert leadsWith a growing list of leads, from mailing lists to social networks, you are responsible for meeting growing expectations.

  • Original content
  • Consistent quality
  • Relevant information
  • Time sensitive updates

If these expectations (and others) aren’t met, you risk losing leads before a single sale is made. You need to offer ongoing reasons not to opt-out, un-friend, un-circle, or un-follow you. You can’t constantly send sales pitches. That’s where fresh content comes in.

What should you accomplish with content and curation?

Original content takes time because you need to research and create it. Curation takes time because you need to search, sort and add value to it. Either way, the final product needs to target one or more lead expectations.

Content you produce makes you the source. Curation is a collection of useful resources that you present in a unique way. Your goal is to share valuable experiences that consistently offer benefits to your leads.

Be good at what you do AND how you do it

Yes, that’s right, what you do IS different than how you do it. Your future as a long trusted business depends on understanding this difference. Think about your closest competitor, one that meets the same consumer need as you. Now think about how they solve the same problems you do.

  • What sets your marketing strategy apart from your competitors?
  • What makes your solutions more efficient, elegant or cost effective?
  • Are you making these benefits clear to your potential leads?

marketing strategy

Your customers arrive expecting solutions, but benefits bring them back.

This means that how you do business matters. Simply being in business is not enough. In addition to fulfilling needs, you must establish long term incentives with your customers. It’s up to you to offer reasons to choose your business next time (ideally every time).

Stop ignoring your competitors OR risk losing future business

Do you care if eager consumers choose you over your competitors? Again; that’s a ridiculous question.

The point is you need to know what options your customers have. Even if you convert leads now, it doesn’t guarantee they will choose your business again. We talked vaguely about benefits, but what specifically do your customers consider to be quality?

Show leads you already have answers to their problems

You know more about quality than you may realize. See, as an expert in your field, your experience offers you foresight into your customers’ future needs. Anticipate long term problems and offer support from start to finish. Present your business as a full range source of solutions.

A lead will likely refer to you as an authority when they see you as a source of answers. They may not be ready to buy yet, but they’ll know where to go when they are ready.

Your professional authority needs to be clear in all content you share.  Schedule a free 15 minute business consultation with Fingerprint Marketing; we help you attract and convert leads into long time customers.