When you are looking into different marketing strategies for your business, it is best to know who you are targeting with your marketing efforts. It is best to know that you are not trying to serve everyone with your product or service, but focus on being a specialist in your field and marketing to a specific group of potential customers. People buy products and services to satisfy a need, solve a problem or to make themselves feel good. It is your task to determine how your product or service can serve customers better than your competitor through differentiation.

In order to understand how to market your product successfully, you need to zero in on defining your target market. This seems like a simple task, yet many business owners don’t even know where to begin. The best place to start is to look at your current and repeat customers. Look at the demographics of your customers such as age and gender, and then look at their lifestyle and interests. If you are a B2B, you also need to understand the customers’ industry and define what their need for your service is.

Now that you can picture your ‘ideal’ customer from gaining understanding of those who have already bought your product or service, it’s time to apply that information to new customers. Potential customers often do not know about your company and how you are different from competitors. It is your job to display in your marketing how your brand meets or exceeds their need expectations.

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