Facebook Live for Business

Are you searching for a way to up your social media game? Do you want to find a more personable outlet for engaging with your audience? Look no further, Facebook Live is here and is more user-friendly than ever before.

facebook live video

Facebook Live is all about connecting and interacting with your followers in real time. So no more spending hours recording video, editing, and adding pretty transitions to it. With a simple push of a button, you can be talking directly to and with your followers. Woohoo – time and energy saved!

While Facebook Live may be fun to use when talking to a friend who is on vacation in Europe or chatting with distant family members, Facebook Live can do much more for you and your business. Check out the following ways you can implement this feature:

  • Take them backstage: Give your followers a behind-the-scenes tour. Show them how you create your product, how the team gets things done, where the magic happens, and so forth. People love to know what’s going on under the veil.
  • Broadcast live events: Are you attending a conference, a workshop, or some other place that your audience would love to be at? Share it! Give them a little virtual tour, talk about some nifty things you’ve learned, or put another high standing attendee in the spotlight. 
  • Hold interviews: Interview your employees, clients, or important people in your profession. This is a way to show you care about your team, the people you serve, and the followers who want to know more about what you do and why.

Here are some of the nuts and bolts of Facebook Live that you should know:

  • facebook live streaming Live is available to all Pages and profiles on Facebook for iOS and Android
  • Live broadcasts can last up to 90 minutes
  • Videos are published to the Page or profile so it can be viewed later
  • The broadcaster can select who sees the video after it is published and delete the video post whenever
  • Anyone watching your live broadcast can comment during its run time

So now you have an idea about Facebook Live and how it could work for your business. But before you dive in to this, check out Facebook’s handy tips for hosting a successful live stream. Make sure to tell people ahead of time that you will be going live, say hello to your commenters by name, and stick around for a while – the longer you’re on camera, the better!

Ready, set, go!

P.S. Here’s one of my Facebook Live videos!

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