Four Reasons to Add a Business Page on LinkedIn


Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest… Oh my! With so many social media sites and so little time, you’re probably wondering what sites are the most crucial for your business. While they all have their pros and cons, today we are specifically looking at LinkedIn. Not personal LinkedIn pages but BUSINESS LinkedIn pages. Yes, they exist!

LinkedIn is a great place to reach out to millions of professionals and receive trusted recommendations and testimonials. It’s also extremely easy to get started!

To create a LinkedIn business page, you must be a member (which is free). Once you are registered, all you have to do is go to the “Companies” menu, and then select “Add Company.”

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Why Should You Create a LinkedIn Business Page?

You’re probably thinking, “Oh great, another social media page to keep track of.” But this just isn’t any regular social media page. LinkedIn has some key features that other social media pages don’t have.

1) Enhances Your Company’s Credibility

Aside from your own website, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms that showcases your company’s products, services, and recommendations. Not only will you be building your contacts, but you will also be building the reputation of your company.

Side note: Keep in mind recommendations and endorsements are NOT the same thing. Endorsements are similar to a ‘Like’ on Facebook. All it takes is one click that acknowledges a specific skill. Recommendations are written testimonials about a business or individual. While both are great, recommendations tend to be more credible since it is more results-oriented, and takes more than one second to do.

2) Networking Opportunities  

LinkedIn easily allows you to connect with groups that are related to your field and business. In fact, LinkedIn encourages you to get involved with online discussions (which is one of our favorite features of this particular social media platform).

3) Grows Your Relationships

Any successful business professional knows that creating personal relationships is the key to growing your business. LinkedIn is the perfect social media platform to do just that. It combines relationships and social media, so it’s easier to keep up with all your connections when it comes to their professional moves and changes.

4) Builds SEO

It’s no secret that the more (credible) online presence you have, the better your SEO. In fact, search engines tend to weigh LinkedIn profiles more because of their nature and tendency to have fresh content. This alone should make you want to make the jump to LinkedIn ASAP!

Important to remember:

1) Add a branded custom banner image to create continuity and brand identity across all your online channels.

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2) Add your key capabilities and services. This is where you want to add what all your business does! For example, some of our specialties include: Print Design, Branding and Identity, Marketing Strategy, Web Design, WordPress Development, Social Media Marketing + Management and Email Marketing.

3) Include your awards and certificates, and don’t forget to make updates! To add your awards, go to “Edit” your profile, and from there you will able to edit different sections. Toward the bottom you should be able to find “Honors & Awards”.


4) Add your blog posts. To do this, copy and paste your link where it says ” Share an update” on your company page.

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Do you not have the time, or are still unsure about creating a LinkedIn page? Shoot us an email at, because we would love to chat. If you do have a LinkedIn page, make sure to connect with us!

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