Get Social With Your Restaurant Marketing

Social Media has been around for over 10 years, and if your business or restaurant is not on it – then you are 10 years behind!

In this latest Marketing Minute video, filmed all the way in Alaska, Pia Larson talks about the social channels that restaurants owners need to be leveraging, how it’s good for your business and gives some ideas on what you can do to be more effective.

We would also like to thank Sam’s City Diner for being so kind and letting us film in their fabulous restaurant.



Here is the transcript of the video if  for some reason you prefer reading:


Hey it’s Pia Larson, Fingerprint Marketing – bringing you the Marketing Minute. Today we’re in Anchorage Alaska, starting our five part video series on marketing your restaurant effectively. Today we’re at City Diner and we’re talking Social Media. So, my first tip for restaurants is – that you have to be on social media. 

So, the first channel everyone knows is Facebook. Facebook is great for customer service, monitoring your guests experience and it’s great for marketing to your guests 365 days a year and if you have great community events, it’s great to talk about those community events. So, you gotta be on Facebook.

Twitter is another channel I recommend that, if you have a restaurant, that you’re on. A great way to use Twitter is if there’s a community event that you’re involved in is to use a hashtag for that event, like “#anchorageididterod,” and that way you can follow the conversation on Twitter.

Restaurant Marketing Social

The third channel is Yelp. Yelp is where guests can review your restaurant and if you have like four and five stars you definitely want to get the Yelp badge on your website and show that you are getting great reviews. You also need to manage your reputation, if a guest had a less-then stellar experience at your restaurant you want to make sure that you communicate with them and get the full story and make sure that they’re happy and try and get them to turn around and become a fan of the restaurant.

The fourth channel that you should be on is Foursquare. Now, Foursquare is where people will check-in and they can become the Mayor of your restaurant depending on how often they check-in.

And then the fifth channel you need to be utilizing is actually your website and blogging. So for example, City Diner does a Recipe Corner which is really fun. So they’ll share the chef’s recipes on Facebook and Twitter.

This has been the Marketing Minute with Pia Larson, coming to your from Anchorage, Alaska.


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