Many people have jumped on the bandwagon of blogging. It builds traffic to your site, establishes credibility in your field and search engines deem blogs important.  That’s all well said and done, but let’s take a look at the real value of blogging and why it can be an important tool in your business strategy.

The key to a successful blog is the content. Blogs are to inspire others, to give them great information and to truly impart knowledge you have that will help others. Armed with this, posting on a weekly or even daily basis will establish credibility. Your blog lives on your site and people can refer to the posts at any time, versus living in the social media space where a tweet is out in the twitter streams then 100 more come in within minutes on top of your tweet. Same with Facebook, you don’t want people having to hunt down your timeline to find that great info you posted.

The biggest takeaway here is that you don’t own your content on Social Media AND you don’t own your list of followers or fans and their contact info. Those can be taken down tomorrow and you’ll never get them back. On your blog, you control and own your content and the followers who sign up for updates. The information lives on in perpetuity on the internet, to be found days, weeks and years later through a search or a link.

Let’s take a look at 3 successful blogs and why they are resonating with us.

Sanjay Gupta of CNN – He is a well respected neurosurgeon boasting 1.5 million Twitter followers. His blog is full of the latest health related stories and current news stories in his field. Not only does he use written words, he brings in video and his Twitter posts onto his blog page.

TMZ – Who doesn’t want to know the latest trash gossip. With headlines like “My Hot Baby Mama Kicked My Ass in Court”, 19 million of us monthly can’t stay away.

Mashable – With the latest business, social media and tech news, they are a leader with a wealth of information in these areas. It has become the main news source for these industries. 6 million social media followers and 20,000,000 visit the blog monthly.  CNN had been considering to buy them for $200 million. Not bad for a 19 year old Scotsman named Pete Cashmore who started Mashable in 2005.

So what makes a good blog and what is the value in it? The content, the information you give. What comes around truly goes around. We like people who are smart, that inform us and can give us great info. As we close out here, check out Time’s Best Blogs of 2011 . It will inspire you and give you even more reason to put your fingers to the keyboard and enlighten us with your expertise.

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