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“Branding can be complicated. I want to make it easy and accessible so small businesses can compete and ultimately rule the world.” Gil Nevo joins the podcast for a value-packed discussion about branding and its importance in today’s digital marketplace.

Gil’s been a creative director in TV and advertising for over 15 years. My favorite part about Gil is he animated over a hundred episodes of the show South Park. Yeah. We know, you know, South Park. He’s also helped brand powerhouses such as; Coke, Ben & Jerry’s, and Vitaminwater, communicate their messages globally.

Gil has worked with many different capacities in his career. He’s also worked alongside me with our clients at Fingerprint Marketing to help with branding, messaging, and strategy. So today, we are talking about so many things around branding for small businesses, what the misconceptions are, what it really means to brand your business, and why it’s way more than a logo.

You’re going to want to check this episode out.

About Gil

Gil Nevo is a visionary brand strategist and creative director whose career has spanned multiple mediums. From animating eight seasons of the TV show SouthPark to working as director and producer on campaigns for brands like Ben & Jerry’s and Vitaminwater, Gil’s work has been seen and experienced by millions of people around the world. Gil is an avid surfer and traveler, working with visionary entrepreneurs and creators on telling a better story in business and life.

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Highlights from the Conversation

  • Branding is no longer logos, colors, and typography.
  • It’s now a much bigger dynamic to how people experience your business.
  • Human beings are storytelling machines, and your brand is about the story it’s telling.
  • Customers aren’t looking for a drill when they buy one. They want a hole.
  • How brands pivoted during the pandemic: the good and the bad.
  • The importance of authenticity and how to create a real connection.
  • Branding is about communication, and it’s something we need to practice.
  • Your brand should constantly be evolving. It’s not a set it and forget it strategy.
  • Is your brand focused on you, the founder, or the business? The pros and cons.
  • Gil breaks down his creative process to bringing out a brand’s personality.
  • Unpacking taglines, you need more than just one.
  • More people are online than ever, and authentic stories rule.

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