The holidays are coming, and that means your family vacation is on the horizon. Are you hoping to go on a digital detox while you’re out of the office? Here are 10 ways you can unplug during vacation and still keep your website traffic alive.

1. Batch write blog posts + newsletters for the duration of your vacation. This goes for the following week as well (you’ll have enough to come back to already). Once your content is written, schedule everything in advance so your marketing continues like clockwork.

2. Batch write social media content. Fill out your social editorial calendar for the week of your vacation and at least a week after. You don’t have to create lots of fresh posts from scratch; this is a great time to recycle old content, find inspiring quotes for images, and share links (with mentions!) to influencer content. Schedule it all ahead of time with tools like Hootsuite, Buffer and Schedugram.

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3. Invite guest bloggers to write for your blog. This one’s a twofer: not only will there will less content for you to produce, but you’ll also get in front of more people and widen your circle of influence.

4. Do some guest posting yourself. When you’re a month or so out from going on vacation, send out a few winning pitches to places you’ve been dying to get published. Include a link to your website in your bio to generate traffic from new readers.

5. Run a Facebook remarketing campaign for website visitors. Do you offer free strategy calls to potential clients? Have your assistant setup and monitor a hyper-targeted Facebook campaign that markets your consultation calls to users who have recently checked out your website.

6. Repurpose evergreen content. It’s a shame to let all those blog posts collect digital dust. Much of that information is good for at least two years. Give old content new life by turning it into a SlideShare presentation, ebook, podcast episode, video series, online training and so on, then add links to this content in your social media calendar.

7. Get a website care plan. Having your website crash while you’re on vacation can cost you in sales and potential customers. And since you’re unplugged, you may not even know it’s happened until you’ve returned to work. Hire an expert to monitor your website for outages and keep it up to date in case of security patches.

8. Join a collaborative Pinterest board. You can’t schedule posts to these boards, but you can have your assistant add your latest blog posts while you’re away

9. Include important links in your out of office message. Canned emails help you answer inquiries quickly, and the same idea works for your OOO autoresponder, too. Answer popular questions by linking to service pages, FAQs, blog posts, and other helpful places on your website.

10. Launch a free 3-day video series. This method works to grow your list and drive traffic while you’re away. Offer the video series as part of your newsletter to generate more signups, then link to hidden pages on your website that contain the videos and click to tweets for easy sharing.

Over to You

How do you keep website traffic flowing when you’re unplugged? Share your smart tips in the comments below!