32. How to Leverage a Positive Mindset for Personal and Business Success with Mary Vivian


Having the right mindset is essential for success in life and business. Our foundational beliefs, attitudes, and biases affect the way we process information and experience the world around us. Having an optimistic mindset increases the likelihood of having a winning perspective and achieving long-term success.

Today I’m chatting with the amazing Mary Vivian about all things Mindset. How to focus on the positive and not the negative, how to avoid imposter syndrome, why solving problems for people is more powerful than just “selling them stuff,” and so much more.

Mary believes, as do I, that regardless of what we are doing, we can always do it better. Small, incremental changes to our mindset and our habits can add up to big results over time. Listen to this wonderful conversation and you’ll come away inspired! ~ Pia

About Mary Vivian

Dynamic Sales Leader & Business Development Strategist, Mindset & Success Coach

Currently VP of Sales for Shay Rowbottom Marketing – helping businesses increase revenue through video and content marketing on LinkedIn!

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Highlights from the Conversation

  • Welcome to episode 32!
  • Mary shares her story of how she came to understand the power of a positive mindset.
  • People’s limiting belief systems are often what is holding them back.
  • Focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want.
  • Where do you want to be and what do you want it to look like? Create a roadmap.
  • Writing in a journal can help you visualize your goals.
  • Tips on what to do if you feel stuck.
  • Look at people around you who you admire and ask, “What are their daily practices?”
  • How to shift the mindset and culture of your business.
  • Solving Imposter Syndrome and eliminating limiting beliefs that hold you back.
  • Leveraging video to connect and engage with customers.
  • The sales mindset – focus on helping clients and guiding them to making the best decision for themselves.
  • How increased time online has affected people’s mindset.
  • If you look for the silver linings in any challenging situation it will help you stay positive.

Resources Discussed/Links

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