9. How to Scale Your Business Easily with Jason Swenk


Today on the show, I speak with my mentor and agency coach Jason Swenk, who helps other agencies scale and market. What I love about Jason is that he’s constantly bringing other agencies together to inspire us to grow bigger and better and market our business in a way that works now.

And you don’t have to own an agency to listen to the show. This is for all small business owners that might have a service industry focus. There’s some good stuff in the show for everyone!

About Jason

Jason Swenk has literally written the book for growing an agency from nothing to two 8 figure agencies. He is one of the most sought out advisors to agencies in the world. Jason helps his clients by sharing the 8 system framework that worked for growing his agency, working with brands like AT&T, Hitachi, Lotus Cars, and eventually leading to selling his agency.

Jason currently hosts the Smart Agency Master Class Podcast, the #1 Digital Marketing Agency Owner podcast for sharing the strategies and stories from real agency owners of what is working today in the agency world, and how they got to where they are now.

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Highlights from the Conversation
  • How Jason helps businesses scale faster.
  • Jason stumbled into this world of coaching by accident.
  • If you’re “too busy” you aren’t charging enough.
  • If we can be “Urgency Detectives” we can close a lot more business.
  • Take your marketing and tell a story about your prospect, not you.
  • Clarify your message to show how you are going to help your customers.
  • At the end of the day, people are going to make a decision to do business with you based on trust.
  • Why a podcast can effectively connect you with your ideal audience.
  • Create a community so you have an audience ready to receive your content.
  • Audit your time and everything you’re doing to stay efficient and strategic.
  • Hire someone to help!

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