25. Human Resource Solutions for Today’s Business Environment with Jennifer McKibbin Harris


Small businesses have their hands full, and when they grow, they find they need new employees to help carry the load. However, many businesses don’t have a dedicated HR professional and often take on these tasks themselves. For a number of reasons, being able to effectively manage an employee lifecycle is critical to the continued success of the business and their brand.

Today I’m chatting with Jennifer McKibbin Harris whose consulting business, Look Within HR, helps businesses win when it comes to the Human resources game. With decades of experience, she is able to recommend strategies and channels to tap into that will help elevate the overall productivity, and success, of an organization. If you’re interested in a more efficient and high functioning workforce, listen to this episode. And then book a complimentary consultation with Jennifer, you’ll be glad you did! ~ Pia

About Jennifer McKibbin Harris, the Founder and Consultant of Look Within HR Consulting

With two decades of proven HR management and leadership, Jennifer is passionate about guiding business owners, leaders, & professional individuals to achieve their goals through strategic people-oriented consulting, coaching, and action.

For over 15 years of her professional career, Jennifer worked in HR management at large corporations, such as Washington Mutual, Liberty Mutual, and Microsoft. Her experience in these companies gave her access to a variety of HR tools, training, and services. She worked with leaders at all levels and supported clients across the globe.

In 2015, her career pivoted, as she realized her calling was to share her HR experience, tools, and education with smaller sized businesses that generally do not have the opportunity to work with a strategic HR partner. Shortly after, Look Within HR Consulting was born.

Jennifer’s specialty is looking at a company’s organizational system to determine maximum efficiency and create opportunity to highlight the talent within. The name Look Within HR came from the idea that we should all look within ourselves, our team, and our organization to gain awareness and focus on what’s important and then access the potential that exists.

Prior to a career in HR, Jennifer worked in the fields of government and politics, both in an official capacity working for a member of the US House of Representatives in Washington D.C. and on the campaign side, managing a race for a seat in the Washington State Senate.

In alignment of Jennifer’s core values, she is often found with her family or close friends when she’s not working. You’ll find her cheering on her two boys playing baseball or taking her sweet Chocolate Labrador for a walk with her husband.

With a strong sense of commitment to her community, Jennifer has also volunteered on a variety of Boards serving in leadership roles. These organizations include: Business Network International (BNI), Institute for a Democratic Future, Chi Omega Fraternity, and Highland Terrace Home-Owners Association.

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Highlights from the Conversation

  • Welcome to episode 25!
  • Jennifer’s story of working within corporations as an HR professional and how she started her business.
  • Small businesses rarely have the chance to work with a strategic HR partner.
  • How to have an efficient, productive workforce no matter the size and no matter where they are working.
  • Internal company culture and how your business shows up externally is important.
  • Hiring talent, important considerations to make sure you catch the best people in today’s challenging environment.
  • Creating a clear and open partnership between the marketing and the hiring will get the correct message out to the right people.
  • Integrate your marketing into your hiring process for the best results.
  • Social Media considerations, some good strategies for approaching a sometimes touchy, but inevitable topic.
  • Key components of a great onboarding process.
  • Personality assessments like the Meyers-Briggs can help teams connect and communicate better.
  • The backstory about where Jennifer came up with the name for her business.
  • Connect with Jennifer if you are a business owner who needs some help with your HR!

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