Is Your 24/7 Salesperson Working Part-Time?

Imagine you’re shopping and you find a storefront that’s really attractive…

But the door’s locked and you can’t get in.

Or you can get in, but no one is paying attention to you.

Or there’s a salesperson helping you, but they’re really rude and don’t get you at all.

You’d be pretty turned off, #amiright?

In the online world, whether you’re selling a product or a service, your website is your storefront. It takes just 8 seconds to capture people’s attention – which means your website has to be visually stunning and speak directly to how you can help your customers.

[ctt title=”It takes just 8 seconds to capture people\’s attention. ” tweet=”It takes just 8 seconds to capture people’s attention. ” coverup=”q4m1x”]An online storefront is more than just a website. It’s the virtual hub of your business.

Having a functional online success system helps you meet two simple yet profitable goals:

  • Attract new leads
  • Convert those leads into sales

Your website should operate like a 24/7 salesperson. And like any great salesperson, your online success system isn’t created in a day. It requires a huge amount of dedication from a team of experts who are passionate about creating websites that work.

Investing in web design is just good business sense. Stop trying to design, tweak, and manage your website. Leave the design hat wearing to us so you can get back to business!

Unlike other web design companies, Fingerprint Marketing creates your website with business and marketing strategies in mind, plus other important stuff like SEO, copywriting, lead generation, mobile-friendliness and more.

Apex Flooring Kent WashingtonI’ve been designing websites since 1998 and have spent over 10,000 hours designing, studying, and perfecting the Fingerprint Marketing team. When it comes to websites that convert into sales, I know what works (and it’s more than a pretty face).

Now is the time to give your website a clean start and finally get it functioning properly. We’re already booking through Summer 2016 and into the Fall. Our rates will increase at the end of the year – be sure to lock in our current rate for your web design project today.

Are you ready to amp up your web presence? Grab a free strategy consultation with Fingerprint Marketing today, and we’ll use our years of web design expertise to review your current web presence
and discuss your business needs.

P.S. Would you rather be welcomed by a Walmart Greeter or a Nordstrom Salesperson? No offense against Walmart Greeters, but I love my Nordstrom Salesperson. Their shoes sales people are the best I’ve ever met! Whether in person or online, it’s all about the experience you bring for your customers.


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