The short answer is – yes, absolutely – landing page design matters. Your landing pages are critical to keep users on your site and convert them from casual web browsers to buyers of your product or services. They are key to your sales funnel and if not designed properly to engage and move the potential customer effectively through the sales process, they can turn people off and represent lost opportunities and sales. Here are five key considerations to make your landing pages work belanding-page-designtter for you.

#1 Wow with a stellar headline

If your page is the landing spot from a pay per click ad, your headline must reflect the intent of the ad. Otherwise, you’re going to get a rapid exit from your site when people think you’re pulling a bait and switch. Your headline should entice the reader to want to keep going. A question they must have the answer to is a great approach. A caution or a fear is another. Anything that gets an emotional reaction that wants them wanting to learn more and stay on the page is essential.

#2 Streamline and simplify

When you land on a page that’s busy and not easily navigable, has a ton of different options to click on and no clear idea of how to tool around the site or get what you want, you’ll give up on this time waster. Simpler sites are the “new black” and you want to offer no more than three clear options on how to proceed. Depending on what you do or sell, a click to get a quote, try a demo or free sample or learn more are good options to consider below your killer headline and landing page text.

#3 Make your page skim friendly

Most people don’t sit down and read a whole web page. They scroll and skim until they see something that interests them. A long block of text is eye numbing. Mixing in different font sizes and colors doesn’t help – this just makes it confusing to the eye. Stick with one or two fonts, but then break up text with sub-headers by topic, bullets that lay out key ideas and one or two relevant, hi-res images. It should have logical flow and no huge long blocks of uninterrupted text.landing-page-design-mobile

#4 Mobile optimize
Most people browse the web on a mobile device – either a smart phone or tablet. Some will use a laptop, few will ever see it on a desktop. And since laptops are smaller than ever, a site that’s constructed with adaptive design to smartly fit on any sized screen is a must. If your site can’t be viewed and navigated on mobile devices, you’re going to lose potential customers in droves. This is easily remedied and should be your top priority – take care of this urgent tweak ASAP!

#5 Constantly refine

landing-page-design-ab-testJust because your landing pages are performing well today doesn’t mean they will be as good in a week or a month down the road. You need to monitor your conversion rates to see when a page begins to fail. So you can refine the page to get the performance back to where it should be. And in order to ensure your pages are optimized, A/B split testing is critical. Keep one page as a control then test a modified page to see how it performs. Modify, test, repeat as necessary to stay at the top of your game.

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