Website Design for Manufacturers

Appeal to your target audience with a professional website for manufacturers.

The majority of people today will research a product online before buying. Your manufacturing website needs to quickly provide those visitors with information about your products and services. That information needs to be presented in a powerful and unique way that will make those visitors choose your company over your competitors. Our team at Fingerprint Marketing can give your company a uniquely designed website specifically to attract your target manufacturing audience.

Details we consider when designing a website for manufacturers:

*Organization is key when designing a website for manufacturers; your visitors need to find what they are looking for quickly. Drop down menus with different areas of interest can help sort out your products.
*Product Pages should have great professional photographs with multiple shots of each product. Using zoom features will help your customer make sound decisions and they will be grateful for the added help and ease of navigation your website offers. Integrating product reviews on a product page is also known to help people in their decision to buy.
*A manufacturing website needs compelling and audience- specific copy to go with great product photos. We can help you write compelling product copy or give you advice on how you can improve what you have already written.
*The addition of images also helps break up the large amounts of information on manufacturing websites. An informative, but clean site with both pictures and information is easier on the eyes and easier for visitors to navigate and find the products they are interested in.
*Prominent contact forms and quote requests are a must, especially for manufacturers offering many products and services. Contact forms and quote requests, along with certification information, testimonials and contact information (including a physical address and telephone number), build trust with potential customers visiting your site.
*Testimonials are important in a manufacturing website. As mentioned above, testimonials help build trust with customers and help in their decision making. Testimonials should be specific: For example, exactly how was a customer helped by your product? Testimonials should relate information that your target customers would likely have in common. Pictures and full names are powerful additions to testimonials.
*Company Information: Providing detailed information about your company and its experience will assure customers that you are a reputable and professional company. This assurance is experienced on an even higher level, if you include educational information, either in a blog, links to external industry resources or any national or regional sites your company has; it’s an added level of customer service which may set you a part from your competitors.

*Naturally,industry specific websites are designed with all the features that our custom websites have as well. Our website designs are all:

  1. Mobile friendly sites.
  2. Optimized; Our experts will figure out the right keywords for your manufacturing company as well as adjusting your content with components that are good for SEO like headings and proper page titles.
  3. Easy to navigate and have clear call to action buttons.
  4. Fast loading.
  5. Tailored for your business now and in the future.

We work with you to develop a unique marketing plan for your company’s continued growth. A plan that will include Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, website maintenance, and more.

Call us today for more information on how we can differentiate your company from the competition with a website design specifically for manufacturers.
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