Marketing Plan

Get movin’ and shakin’ with a strong foundation. A customized marketing plan is your ticket to growing big… and growing smart.

Are you…

  • Overwhelmed by all the latest marketing tactics?
  • Struggling to keep up with your marketing?
  • Confused about whether to focus on Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, Video Marketing, or something else entirely?
  • Unsure about what will give you the biggest return on investment?

marketing plan

Let us help!

Remember the days when you thought running a business would mean… running a business? Not researching the most cutting-edge marketing ideas, investigating the most up-to-date analytics tools, and worrying over the best way to implement everything.

It’s hard enough to just stay afloat in all the information out there… imagine the time it would take to come up with a plan. Oof!

We make MARKETING MAGIC so that you can get back to what you love — running your business!


So, what’s the SECRET in the sauce?

No secrets, here!

 It’s straightforward, it’s transparent, and it’s expertly executed:


It’s your Step-By-Step 6-Month Marketing Plan.


    • Learn exactly what you need to do and in what order
    • Understand who your best customer is
    • Identify the holes in your current marketing strategy
    • Find more of your best clients — in less time

Get the results you want.

You’ll never see your business the same way again.

Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we?!

  • What types of marketing strategies does Fingerprint use?
    Well, that’s that thing about a customized marketing strategy… we develop a cutting-edge plan that aligns with YOUR business’s unique needs and YOUR specific growth and revenue goals. (That’s right! It’s all about YOU!)
  • How do we create your customized marketing plan?
    You’ll work with one of our genius-level strategists who will use in-depth market research to create a plan that hits all the right notes. In just ten days, you’ll have a plan to get the fastest and best
  • How much does marketing cost?
    There are a number of factors we’ll discuss as we strategize for world dominance! Ahem… as we strategize to establish your dominance in your market… (and maybe world dominance, amirite?!) A good marketing plan is not one size fits all, and it shouldn’t be!
    But here’s our promise: You only pay for the services you need and not a penny more… because we believe that every penny counts! (And we know you do, too.)
  • What can you expect from YOUR marketing plan?
    Only the best, of course! But let’s get specific. You can expect:

    • To get a customized package that’s right for your business
    • To work off of a big ROI checklist
    • To feel ridiculously confident that you’ve got it all under control
    • To know exactly which marketing strategies are perfect for you and your business — and which are NOT
    • To find the hidden money in your business! (We promise you it’s there just waiting…)

Start the conversation

How It Works

First, you’ll fill out our intake form. Don’t shy away from the details… everything you can tell us will help us make your plan just right for you and your business.

  1. We’ll get movin’ and shakin’ by going through your intake with a fine-tooth comb.
  2. During our first meeting, we’ll go deep. We’ll mine for those golden nuggets of your business that we’ll use to maximize your marketing potential.
  3. We’ll put everything together into a detailed, step-by-step plan so you know exactly what to do to EXPLODE your business. (Psst…we’ll even send you a video summary of the plan!)
  4. We’ll get together to answer your questions and give you some usable, results-based coaching so you can start seeing AMAZING RESULTS. Right away!

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What happens next?

You know how we promised that your Step-by-Step 6-Month Marketing Plan will be all about YOU?

We meant it!

We design your customized marketing strategy so that you have options after we make your plan… because it’s yours to use in whatever way works best for you and your business.

With your marketing plan in hand, you can implement it:

  • With another marketing agency
  • With your Virtual Assistant
  • With your in-house marketing department
  • Or, you can work through it with us!

Allow us to introduce…

VIP Marketing

~ Your customized marketing solution ~

Fingerprint Marketing’s VIP experience is our PROVEN method of driving traffic to your website and converting your visitors into paying clients.

With VIP Marketing, Fingerprint becomes your secret weapon for AWESOME RESULTS.

We work behind the scenes to implement your marketing plan, making sure that everything runs like clockwork for the first six months and way beyond. And you get to focus on the things you love: running your business, engaging all the new clients your marketing plan is bringing in, long walks on the beach…

When we oversee your marketing, your time becomes YOUR time again!

 Become a fingerprint vip

“Pia and her entire crew are totally tops in their Field. Stephanie worked with me to create a well thought out Marketing plan for my own Retail Store. She listened to me and was full of great and innovative ideas which will be easy to implement. I totally recommend Fingerprint Marketing for all marketing needs and web design!”


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