In part two of our five part series on Marketing Your Restaurant Online Effectively, Pia Larson talks about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and give some important tips on how to rank higher on Google and Bing search engine results pages.

We want to thank Bridge Seafood Restaurant for letting us film in their lovely restaurant! Check out their panoramic Google Photo Tour.

Video Transcript

Hi everyone, this is Pia Larson with Fingerprint Marketing bringing you the Marketing Minute from Anchorage, Alaska, where we’re doing a series of videos on marketing your restaurant online. Today we’re a the Bridge Restaurant in downtown Anchorage and we’re talk about Search Engine Optimization. Highly recommend that you take some time to optimize your website for search terms, keywords, that will help you be found on google and bing.

72% of all searches are related to local searches, so for example, “seafood restaurants in anchorage, alaska,” you want to be number one, two, or three on Google Search. So it’s really important.

Bridge Seafood Marketing Restaurant Online SEO

So if you’re a restaurant, you want to make sure you have a Google Local Page. Now a Google Local Page will allow to upload photos, have a map for directions, post specials that are going on in your restaurants, hours –  you want to make sure that is always accurate and updated. You can also get Google to come out and do a Photo Tour of the inside and outside of your restaurant and it’s totally free. It’s something that the Bridge restaurant has done and you can check it out on their website.

The final tip I’ll leave you with is to make sure that your menu is written out as a text document or actually embedded in your website. The reason for this is, every menu item can searchable. So for instance, if someone is looking for a steak in Anchorage, Alaska, if there are steak items on the menu those become keywords on your website.

So that’s been my tips for optimizing your restaurant online, is using search engine optimization.  This has been Pia with Fingerprint Marketing bringing you the Marketing Minute from the Bridge Restaurant in Anchorage, Alaska.


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