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Branding is more than the name of your company – it’s more than your logo, your marketing materials and how you package yourself and your firm. Branding is perception and as you know – perception is reality when it comes to attracting and retaining clients. Rather than limiting your brand to its visual components, you must see it as the overall experience in the mind of a customer or potential customer.

Because most people interact with brands digitally at first, your web presence is your first impression and often the deciding factor in whether a potential customer decides to transact with you. Fingerprint Marketing will craft your web branding and messaging to turn browsers into buyers and ensure you are leaving the impression you want.

But there’s more to your branding than just your website and marketing materials – some of which you can control and some you can only influence. We’ll show you how to effectively brand yourself in the arenas you control and manage those in the hands of your customers and critics.


#1 Website and Marketing Materials

Not only the look of your website is important to convey your branding message, but also the content you present. Your site is an experience that should communicate your company philosophy, what customers and clients can expect and how you deliver results. All of this must be done with economy of words, excellent imagery and with responsive design in mind so that it works on every device it’s viewed on.

This is the one branding aspect you can wholly control, so it’s critical that you perfect your messaging to drive engagement and transactions. Fingerprint Marketing’s design and content services will refine your branding so that it expresses your unique messaging and value proposition. This can carry over into any print materials you use as well.

#2 Social Media

Consumers and clients expect – and even demand – that you communicate with them via social media. Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are now fully functional business mediums and you must have a branding presence there as well. There are two sides to social media and it can be a double edged sword. There are branding messages you will put out and responses from customers and critics alike.

This aspect of branding you can control on one side but only influence on the other. Your social media messaging must engage and intrigue. Customer experience with your brand will trigger feedback. Fingerprint Marketing will show you how to carry your branding over to social media and influence the interaction with customers to enhance your reputation and reduce the risks inherent in this highly responsive medium.

#3 Transactional Branding

Branding ServicesYour website is not the extent of your web branding. Depending on your business niche, you will have a presence – whether you want it or not – on a variety of other websites that specialize in critiquing customer experiences with you. This is an area of branding you can only hope to influence, but must be aware of and working to manage. Wherever in the world or on the web you sell, there is a site dedicated to reviews and feedback of your industry – and most likely you.

Increasingly, customers won’t take your word that you provide excellent products or service – or rely on the references you provide. They will turn to the web and look at social media, Yelp, Amazon reviews, Angie’s List and a myriad of other national and local feedback portals to see what customers really think about your company. Fingerprint Marketing will show you what websites you should be aware of and how to influence your branding there – by encouraging positive feedback and reducing the impact of any negative interactions.


Even iconic brands such as Hershey and Wal-Mart must look beyond their logos and manage their branding – the combination of messaging and perception that customers and potential customers consider when deciding whether to transact with a company. For a smaller business, branding can make or break you – quite literally.

Branding is intended to clearly deliver your message– both digitally and in person and to…

      • Convey that you’re credible and trustworthy
      • Communicate on an emotional level
      • Encourage a transaction
      • Trigger positive feedback
      • Drive loyalty and repeat transactions

No matter what you do, sell or offer – competition in your niche is increasing every day. We are an increasingly global society and customers can choose to transact locally, across the country or around the world. Effective branding on the web is the only way to keep yourself relevant and your business viable in our rapidly evolving economy. Fingerprint Marketing can show you ways to improve your relevancy and hone your competitive edge through better branding!


Having a nice looking website is no longer enough. Setting up a Facebook page and a Twitter account with occasional posts about sales and promotions will not allow you to effectively compete in that increasingly critical space. Your website and social media presence must have targeted content and refined messaging that reflects your branding to attract customers and drive business – whatever business you’re in…

Branding takes your website from a page to a presence – takes your social media interaction from a tweet to a tool. Fingerprint Marketing will refine your messaging, logos, web design and social media presence and mesh them to produce highly effective branding that will connect emotionally with customers and keep them coming back again and again.


If you’re not sure how to get started refining your branding and making your messaging more meaningful, contact Fingerprint Marketing today. We offer a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your business needs, existing web presence and challenges. Branding is our business – let us show you how we can improve yours!

Dan Faulkner, Jr. of John L. Scott Real Estate in Issaquah came to Fingerprint Marketing when it was time to expand his team. Throughout the rebrand process, Dan was very thankful for Fingerprint Marketing’s responsiveness; he notes Fingerprint is a great choice for somebody looking for high end quality branding.


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