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As a Redmond based business, you face a mighty challenge: earning your customers. Branding in Redmond is how your online design can rise above the crowd. Your visitors (and current customers) have plenty of options. Endless options, locally and online. Plus, your list of professional competitors keeps growing.

branding redmondSure, some businesses don’t seem like a threat… yet.

Yet? Yes, here’s a key point you may have overlooked.

Step back and look at your competition through the eyes of a customer. Not just any customer… an eager customer with money in hand, ready to buy. Disregard all the technical details you know about their (and your) industry. Look at your business and compare the two at a glance. Without all the details, you are comparing brands (not businesses).

Which brand looks worthy of your hard-earned money?

The brand that grabs your attention, the brand you recognize and connect with.

The brand you choose is the business who earns you as a customer.


Amateurs ‘get’ attention. Professionals ‘earn’ attention.

You earn attention as a business with confidence.
The look and feel of your brand needs to be proudly displayed to your customers.
This means you need to show professional restraint (especially online).
Only write what you would say face-to-face. Yes, that includes headlines.
If you wouldn’t say it, don’t display it.


Are you the best at what you do?

Without proper branding, your Redmond customers will never know.
You earn recognition as a business with consistency.
The authority and special services you offer need to be obvious at a glance.
Visitors should see your brand and instantly think of your business.


Branding Redmond WAYou earn connection as a business with relevance.

The personality and interactions you share need to be genuine.
This means you speak to your customers, not at them.
Spare your customers from hearing your technical jargon.
Your attempts to impress feel like attempts to sell.
Customers want a better business, not a better salesman.

Regardless what you think about your competition, what matters is who your customers choose to work with. Often, your customers make this decision by comparing brands. You may be the better business in Redmond, but is your branding better?

Ready for branding that earns you customers?

After a 15-minute consultation with Fingerprint Marketing, you’ll wonder why you waited so long. We respect that you’re already a great business, branding is how we help your customers see that you are the better option. Soon (with a little help), your competitors will struggle to match your brand’s attention, recognition and connection.

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