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You run your business, but who controls your branding? In Sammamish, friendly locals expect award winning web design. With increasingly high standards, your business is forced to keep improving. Simply offering professional services isn’t enough anymore. Your business image, as a whole, needs to adapt with your customers.

branding sammamishYou want your branding to present the same, dependable, business everywhere. Customers will see your brand in a variety of ways: websites, advertising, print, email. You already earned their business once, so don’t waste opportunities to bring them back.

If done with care, you can adapt your branding while staying true to your core business ideals.


Is your existing brand exactly what you want?

Chances are, you settled for the best you could get. Unless you are a gifted artist, as well as a savvy business owner, you needed help to design your branding. You tried to communicate your thoughts and your artistic vision…. but the end result is still missing something.

So, what is your brand missing?

Those expectations you started with are still important. The reality is you can change your branding whenever you want. You may take a while to find an artistic match for your brand, but you should keep searching. This is your business, so don’t settle for close-enough.


Not so fast though… only make controlled changes.

You can change your branding, but not every change will be an improvement.

In fact, your existing brand may be connecting with your customers better than you assume.

branding print designBefore you start making changes, here are a few guidelines you need:

  1. Save your original
    Worst case scenario, you can revert back to your existing brand.
  2. Revise with control
    Write down what you plan to change and why.
  3. Compare results
    Making changes alone isn’t enough, you need to test revisions.


Know when to stop making changes.

Your branding should be able to adapt, but shouldn’t change constantly.

If you’re clear about why you need changes, you’ll know when those goals are met.

You may not see perfect results immediately, but meeting one expectation at a time is rewarding.

Each fulfilled expectation brings your branding a little closer to your ideal vision for your business.

What does your branding need most?

Start a discussion with Pia at Fingerprint Marketing and explain your vision for your business. Branding for your Sammamish business is customized to meet your exact expectations. Your branding may just need a few small changes. That’s why Fingerprint Marketing takes time to listen to you first (and offers you a free 15 minute consultation). We help you improve your existing brand.

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