The internet is continuously growing and more content is being added each day. It makes it difficult to filter through search results to find the content that suits what you are looking for. That is why, when you are looking to post content online, you want to make it meaningful.

So, what makes content meaningful? The first objective when writing meaningful content is to create value. From writing a news article to sharing your status on Facebook, you want people to read your content and see value in it. You can create value by looking to entertain or to inform your audience. This requires understanding your target audience and directing your message towards them. There is no need to try to appeal to the mass audience because you are never going to please everyone, especially with the reach of the online community.

Therefore it is better to deliver your message in a way that allows your audience to connect and want to engage with you. A way to do this is to write about what you know. Sharing your experience and knowledge allows the audience to see your brand as authentic and an expert in the field.  You want to be the solution that customers are searching for. Yet, don’t be afraid to admit where your expertise begins and ends; be comfortable in saying “I don’t know, but I will help you find the answer”. It’s better to point the audience in the direction of someone who has the answers than giving them an incomplete answer yourself.

The most important concept to consider when creating content is to be valuable, not deliberately advertising your business. In the online age, we have to be adaptable and learn to write to our audience.  A great way to gather, organize and plan your meaningful content for sharing is to create an editorial or publishing calendar. This will help you stay consistent in posting your content.

Give us a call if you would like us to help you start your own editorial calendar to manage your online presence. Be sure you’re telling a story worth sharing.