Now 15 years old, LinkedIn has entered social media adolescence. A more polished user interface is trying to look more like its social media peers. Still independent in its ideas, it has ditched the clunkier elements of its design to intentionally be sleeker and follow the trend of “app-ifiying” the look to match mobile app layouts for simplicity.

Biggest Changes:


Message from anywhere on the site. LinkedIn has added a messaging window that allows you to message from any page on the site. You can simultaneously message more people too! No need to stop what you’re doing and switch to another page anymore. Conversations can be had in real-time.

The new layout feels more like an app than a desktop version. LinkedIn’s new simplified layout makes it easier to navigate the site and narrows the design bridge between the desktop and the mobile app.

Searches are more intuitive. Improved algorithms and more input from editors help focus results that are tailored to what’s relevant to you based on your company and industry. A single search box lets you search for jobs, people, groups, schools, posts and brings up the most relevant results first.

Notifications are streamlined. Not only does the new interface let you view your connections’ promotions, work anniversaries, posts, and other milestones at-a-glance, it also gives you more information about how people have interacted with your profile and the content you generated.

Profile improvement suggestion are fine-tuned. LinkedIn has incorporated more artificial intelligence fueled recommendations to suggest profile changes that users can make to improve their profile based on their background. Take advantage of those suggestions to see if you can make your profile stand out even more!

The background photo has been resized. The size has changed to 1536 x 768 pixels so make sure that the one you have in place still looks sharp!

What do you think of the new interface? Let us know!

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