4. Organic Search Engine Optimization [SEO] That Works Today with Hayk Saakian

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of my highest recommended strategies for businesses to implement. Prospects finding us through organic search, not paid advertising, account for about 50% of our leads.

Today I’m talking with Hayk Saakian who is a leading SEO specialist and app developer about some tactics you can employ quickly and easily to boost your search engine rankings. If you make these tweaks and work on your SEO game consistently, over time you will see results.

Hayk and I break down the three-legged Search Engine Optimization stool:

  • Technical factors – is your website is built soundly, is it easy for Google to understand.
  • Content – the actual words on your site, do they match what consumers are actually looking for.
  • Link factors – your online digital presence, are you considered reputable.

We go into detail about all three of these important aspects of SEO and give you some great tips for quick wins, along with long-term strategies and solutions.

Competition can be fierce and Google wants searchers to have a good consumer experience. If you can implement some of these tactics and create that better experience, you’ll be rewarded with higher ranking and more visitors.

I’m sure you’ll get a lot out of this episode, SEO is one of my favorite, in not THE favorite marketing strategy for a lot of our clients… and myself!

About Hayk

Hayk Saakian has been developing apps and building businesses from an early age. He designed and developed the Pacific Middle School’s website as a 6th-grader and in high school, developed a series of Android apps that accumulated over 300,000 downloads on the Google Play Store.

After studying computer science at UC Berkeley, Hayk’s passion as an entrepreneur led him to drop out and start Skyreal, a real estate estate recruitment SaaS. Hayk poured all of his experience as a developer and entrepreneur into Logic Inbound, where he now helps his team execute on high-performing marketing campaigns for billion-dollar businesses.

Hayk has landed coverage on the WordPress Podcast, Search Talk Live for iHeartRadio, the Blind Entrepreneur Podcast among many others.

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Highlights from the Conversation

  • SEO’s three legged stool – technical factors, content, and link factors.
  • There’s usually a strategy behind the businesses that rank well.
  • Google will often tell you what’s wrong and why your site doesn’t rank well, but rarely gives you the steps to fix it.
  • One simple mistake we’ve seen people make – check this box to fix it.
  • Google reads the text on your site, so it’s important to have content that makes sense to searchers.
  • GMB – Google My Business, every local business should have and optimize their free listing for SEO.
  • Google likes faster websites because it allows them to consume fewer resources.
  • On-page written content should be about 2500 words long and focused on one topic or customer question.
  • Different products, categories, or industries you serve should each have a separate page.
  • Backlinks – why they are important and how to get some good ones.
  • Why is SEO so expensive?! It’s all about real estate… location, location, location.

Resources Discussed/Links

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