BE Meditation


Stunning brand and website design for corporate meditation training group based in Seattle

Be Meditation provides meditation training for organizations looking to grow the potential of their leaders and teams and foster better work environments.

Through group meditations, facilitated training and one-on-one coaching, they help organizations step into the future and become a solution for some of our major societal hurdles while increasing effectiveness, innovation, and workplace satisfaction. By creating better, more human-centric environments they open channels to creative thinking, increased team effectiveness and maximize the strength of your organization.

The Problem

When Katie approached us, we recognized that her mission was strong, her concept was massively important and relevant in today’s marketplace, but she needed a website to back it up. Even with social media platforms super active, over 63% of consumers still look for a website to interact with a business.

Furthermore, Katie also needed a powerful brand that would give her the professionality to speak into the corporate workplaces that she was trying to access. Well, both of those projects are right up our alley.

What made a difference for BE Mediation

As with most of our clients, we developed a brand roadmap for Katie– a path to travel as her brand grows and evolves. This also gave us a base to work from, as we created a new brand and a high-performing new website.

Katie is strong, nurturing, and encouraging, so we wanted her site to reflect those characteristics in a way that would engage her end user. We overhauled her UX to be more intuitive and conversion-friendly. And, we showcased all of her wonderful experience at the front-and-center of that design, with big images, bold buttons, and just the right amount of engaging calls to action. Ultimately, we build a site that is a true reflection of the brand that Katie always had inside her– she just needed someone to translate that to the webpage.

We are now working with Be Meditation on website maintenance which means security, updates, backups, support, hosting, search engine optimization, and peace of mind.