Brand creation services for Bold Leap Content, a technology content agency

Bold Leap Content is a content creation agency that specializes in SEO-optimized technology copywriting. The agency serves a wide range of customers, from tiny startups to tech giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Google, with the goal of amplifying their brands and boosting their revenues. You may have seen their work on!

The Problem

While their founder brings 10+ years of experience to the table, as a new agency Bold Leap Content needed branding that could truly communicate their expertise and personality while also turning heads and helping them get noticed by their target market. They came to Fingerprint Marketing to build their visual brand from the ground up and for website creation.

The Solution and The Result

Inspired by founder Tammy Batey’s bold personality, we created a playful, vibrant, and memorable logo design and watermark that immediately differentiated the agency from other technology writing service providers. We carried this fun and colorful aesthetic into their web design, creating a website that would act as a breath of fresh air for potential clients searching for technology writers.

This new site gave the agency a place to feature their impressive roster of clients, which we visually highlighted on the homepage with logos, as well as their portfolio of past work. We also created a metrics section that included a round-up of the agency’s most relevant numbers. We kept the site deliberately simple, letting their work and experience speak for itself. Bold Leap Content loves having a brand and website that highlights their unique positioning in their niche, and we are thrilled to help them continue to redefine technology writing through providing ongoing website maintenance.