BRC Acoustics & Audiovisual Design


Stunning web design, UX update and brand video for 59-year-old acoustic design firm based in Seattle

BRC Acoustics & Audiovisual Design is a creative powerhouse in the acoustic design industry. From the famous Seattle Space Needle to projects in Niger, Ecuador, and South Korea, BRC has created groundbreaking acoustics in buildings spanning across the globe. This is a brand that’s literally dripping with character. They are responsible for some of the most impressive acoustic projects in the Pacific Northwest — including designing the acoustics in the Key Arena for the 1962 World Fair. And, they have one of those classic brand stories that build immediate trust and respect.

Their founders — Buzz Towne, Roy Richards, and Herb Chaudiere — helped bring acoustic design into the mainstream. And, they developed acoustic architectural elements for some of the most famous American landmarks.

The Problem

BRC has a killer brand… we’re talking shut-up-and-take-my-money level branding. But, BRC didn’t have the website to match that level of branding. These are the kinds of problems you WANT to have. Building a brand takes years; building a website takes months. So, when BRC approached us at Fingerprint Marketing, we were basically drooling over the opportunity to work with them. Bringing digital value to traditional brands is basically like putting gasoline in a rocket. They already built the rocket! We just have to walk over to the pump and put the right fuel in. But their website was running on E10.

Their competitors had better websites than them. And they were ready to build a website that would reflect their core identity and help them digitally-dominate the competition. It wasn’t just the design, BRC has an absolutely ridiculous amount of industry experience, and they needed a place to show it off. They basically invented the acoustic design industry in their pocket of the world — and that pocket is the ENTIRE Pacific Northwest.

But, they weren’t flaunting their stuff. And they had plenty of stuff! So, they approached us with their old design, and we talked shop. They knew that they were the best darn acoustic designers in the U.S. — and they had us convinced in minutes. Let’s put it this way, if they had the same passion for marketing that they had for acoustics, we would be out of a job.

They’re incredible. They just needed a website that reflected that. That’s where we came in…

Why BRC Acoustics & Audiovisual Design Left With a Smile

BRC is a professional, noteworthy, and talented brand. So, we designed them a website that was all of those things and more. We overhauled their UX to be more intuitive and conversion-friendly. And, we showcased all of their wonderful experience at the front-and-center of that design. With big, bold buttons, lots of rich imagery, and a well-categorized portfolio, we helped them transform their website into a more accurate reflection of their DNA.

At Fingerprint marketing, we’re obsessed with leveraging design that’s striking and immediately relevant to a brands target audience. BRC’s target audience was sophisticated, smart, and hard-working. So, we made sure that their user journey was filled with relevant information, lots of details, and plenty of images and contact points.

BRC is a borderline global brand. And they’ve worked projects in countries across the world, so we put all of that experience on display without sacrificing the integrity of their websites natural UX progression. That means leading users naturally to the portfolio where they can consume and engage with these incredible projects. We also created a founders video, which highlighted their spectacular capabilities by leveraging the incredibly interesting stories of their three founders. BRC has a story to tell, and we wove storytelling features into our design process to deliver a product that was oozing with professionalism and classic charms.

We are now working with BRC on website maintenance which means security, updates, backups, support, hosting, search engine optimization, and peace of mind.