Seattle Restaurant Website for Jewel Box Cafe

Jewel Box Cafe has been serving the Northgate area and surrounding community for over 10 years. While they strive to balance an old-time cafe feel, they still embrace the modern coffee era, in the ever-changing Seattle coffee culture.
Jewel Box Cafe is a place where everyone can come together in a friendly environment, have coffee with a friend, spend a moment relaxing with a book or just get some work done– our goal was to communicate that with a professional brand and highly functional, mobile-friendly website that really spoke to their clientele.


A good logo is so important for a brand, not only conveying the intended message of the business, but also the concept behind the business. A great logo is essentially two things: a really great concept and good execution of that concept. Our branding was modern enough to help Jewel Box stay relevant, but classic enough to fit their established brand feel.

The Problem

Jewel Box hadn’t ever had a great website solution. They’d been through the process before, but never really settled into a website that worked for their brand, and was accessible to them as they updated their menu, or made event changes. Plus working with design firms and coding companies had always been a pain. Something about Fingerprint Marketing seemed different, so they grabbed a photographer, pulled together some stunning images, and asked us to get to work building a site that would actually work for them for the first time.


PDF Menu vs Live Menu?

When we started working on the site, one of the things that we noticed immediately, was that Jewel Box had an extensive menu that needed to be converted to live text. It would have been really simple to just embed a PDF menu, but our experience with restaurant design pushed back– sites with live menus covert more paying customers, and perform much better in search engines. Plus they’re a much better user experience when you visit a restaurant site and find a menu that is responsive on mobile and actually up to date.
We coded the menu because it made sense for the client.

What brought Jewel Box Cafe more paying customers?

A new website doesn’t always bring in more customers, but when the website is designed with the customer in mind, thinking through their actions and guiding them to the correct calls to action, there is a much higher chance of a conversion. When we planned Jewel Box’s site, our primary goal was to guide the user to the menu and make sure they had access to directions to Jewel Box, not just throw them into a website with random information about the cafe. Thinking about the customer first in restaurant design is vastly important.
Working with Jewel Box Cafe was a rewarding process that we’ve been thrilled to be a part of. We are now working with them on content marketing and website maintenance which means security, updates, backups, support, hosting, search engine optimization, and peace of mind.