Katrina Eileen is a Seattle-based real estate firm with over 18 years of experience in all aspects of the real estate industry. Their experience ranges from providing their private clients with extraordinary service, to land acquisition and development, multi-unit housing, new construction, rehab, as well as devising and implementing long term real estate investment strategies. Katrina understands what it takes to succeed in real estate, and to create true prosperity.

The Problem

Katrina came to Fingerprint Marketing for rebranding and refreshing her marketing collateral. Although a female-run business, Katrina did not want to appear female-geared or too feminine and it was important to her that the new branding appealed to both sexes.

The Solution

Corporate elegance was the driving theme behind the new look. Some creative direction was given for the design of the new logo and the new branding resulted in a masculine edge on a woman’s name.

The Result

Katrina Eileen now has a new brand which exudes an ideal first impression of maturity and respectability. All design work following the rebranding adopted the new brand’s look and feel in use of colors, fonts and elements taken from the logo design.