Modern rebrand and web design for a Redmond WA physical therapy clinic

Since 2005, physical therapy clinic PT Pro has helped hundreds of people recover from injury and return to life healthier and stronger than ever, through focused physical therapy, laser therapy, pelvic floor rehab, and blood flow restriction training. Their experienced staff create customized pain management and training programs to improve performance and prevent injury. It’s no wonder that they’re the #1 choice for physical therapy in Redmond!

The Problem

PT Pro’s old website wasn’t performing as well as it used to, and this wasn’t an issue that a PT training program could fix. The website was running on outdated tech and the clinic’s branding was badly in need of an update. In addition to these issues, their website suffered from a lack of lead magnets, denying the clinic valuable opportunities to begin building relationships with their prospects.

How We Helped PT Pro Strengthen Their Brand

As a local leader in their field, PT Pro needed a website and branding that reflected their expertise and showcased their range of services. In addition to giving PT Pro’s branding a fresh and modern revamp, we created a simple and streamlined website that offers potential clients the information that they need in order to make their buying decision — and accessible scheduling functionality that allows them to easily book appointments directly on the website. We also included the clinic’s contact information in multiple areas throughout the site to make it easy for prospects to get in touch. 

We created a dedicated page for clients to leave Google Reviews, Facebook Recommendations, and private feedback in order to generate valuable social proof for the clinic, and included this page in the navigation bar for greater visibility. To help PT Pro capitalize on their website traffic, we created tempting lead magnets to get their website visitors into the system and help transform them into warm leads. We continue to help PT Pro serve their clients through providing ongoing website maintenance.