Efficient Web Design For Edmonds-Based REX Veterinary Software

REX Veterinary Software is a comprehensive software application for mobile hospice veterinarians that’s designed to make the business side of things a walk in the park. Based in Edmonds, Washington, the company was created by Dennis Hopkins with the help of his wife and mobile veterinarian, Dr. Sara Render Hopkins.

The Problem

Mobile hospice vets go into the field for their love of pets and caring for others. But oftentimes, they get bogged down by administrative headaches and inefficiencies.

While great veterinary software does exist, none of it wholly met the needs of mobile vets and hospice care providers – that is, until REX Veterinary Software was launched.

As a startup software company, REX needed to build an online presence for brand recognition and to educate their target audience about their new product.

The Solution

Working from scratch, Fingerprint Marketing designed a website that focuses on educating REX’s target audience while keeping the content light. The best way to achieve this goal was to create a homepage with playful content that makes readers lean in to find out more.

Implementing a parallax-style homepage allowed us take a storytelling approach that engages mobile vets and hospice care providers and pulls them deeper into the brand experience. The homepage connects with readers by featuring clear-cut and relatable problems. Each section presents an administrative challenge, then shows how REX helps practitioners to overcome it with ease.

To keep the homepage content brief and digestible, each section is limited to just one image, one problem/promise callout, and one blurb.

Because REX is a mobile service, it’s always on the move. So Fingerprint Marketing created a playful logo by using a leash to outlines a REX’s profile and name. And to give REX even greater brand recognition, we designed a full marketing suite, including business cards, rack cards, convention banner and more.

When readers come to REX’s website, they instantly know they’ve found the best resource for their mobile veterinary practice. Busy practitioners can quickly learn how to manage their practice with one simple but comprehensive solution. Plus, the playful content encourages visitors to set up a “playdate” and get a free software demonstration.

We are now working with REX Veterinary Software on website maintenance which means security, updates, backups, support, hosting, search engine optimization, and peace of mind.