Creating a Smooth and Silky e-Commerce Experience for skinrefit


skinrefit is a new skincare brand aiming to own their very particular niche. Their sole product, a premium exfoliating and hydrating lotion, promises to help banish the rough and bumpy skin associated with Keratosis Pilaris and offer their customers relief and a new level of confidence!

The Problem

As a new brand, skinrefit needed to make a great first impression on their customers through developing a website that really reflected their brand vibe, showcased their product effectively, offered social proof, and made the entire ordering process feel easy and trustworthy. They also needed visual branding that reflected their mission and personality, and resonated with their target market.


How We Helped skinrefit Make a Splash

Ease of use is important for any e-commerce website, no matter how many products they sell. We used Woocommerce to create skinrefit’s online shop and developed a customized look and layout to match their brand aesthetic, ensuring that the branding across the site was aligned and matched client expectations. With its safe and secure online payment options, personalization, and scalability, skinrefit’s Woocommerce shop can grow with them.

skinrefit’s new website was designed to not only look great, but help them boost their sales. In order to highlight the value of skinrefit’s product, we set up not only a testimonials page, but a special before/after image that users can scroll across to see the product’s effects appear before their eyes. We integrated the brand’s social media into the website design to encourage curious visitors to follow them on Instagram, allowing them to multiply their touchpoints with potential customers and boost their sales over time. The result? A clean, sophisticated, minimalist website that offers users all of the information that they need at a glance. In addition to providing website maintenance, we’re now working with skinrefit on their social media marketing initiatives to continue to grow their brand.