A website and brand revamp for telehealth service Sound Sleep Guru


Sound Sleep Guru is a boutique telehealth service that offers individualized care to people struggling with sleep issues.

Founded by neurologist Dr. Meredith Broderick, the company offers a spectrum of services that bridge allopathic sleep medicine and behavioral sleep medicine, to help people get to the root of their sleep problems — and finally get a good night’s rest.

The Problem

Sound Sleep Guru has a lot to offer their sleep-deprived clients. The problem? Their old website was outdated and built on older technology. While it looked a little visually snooze-worthy, the bigger problem was that it did not offer visitors an easy way to book appointments! Sound Sleep Guru knew that they needed a modern refresh of both their website and brand in order to attract new clients in need of their services.

How We Made Sound Sleep Guru’s Dreams Come True 

We love Sound Sleep Guru’s mission to help their clients sleep tight, and wanted to create a brand and website that were personable and approachable. We worked with them on their brand messaging, ensuring that both the key messages and copy would resonate with their dreamiest clients. We designed new logos for both the brand as a whole and for their skin care product line. We created an eye-catching animated logo to serve as the website’s loading animation, adding to the user experience. Matching animations also pop up as visitors scroll past testimonials, drawing their attention to this undeniable social proof. To carry this visual pop consistently throughout the website, we created playful, stylized custom graphics in the same modern and sophisticated color palette.


In addition to the new custom graphics and overall updated website appearance, we revamped the contact page to allow visitors to not only submit queries through the contact form, but to easily book consultations and directly download referral forms as well. We integrated a blog post gallery on the homepage, guiding visitors to the Sound Sleep Guru blog and underlining their knowledge and expertise in their field. Sound Sleep Guru loves their new branding and website — and the boost to conversions!

We continue to support Sound Sleep Guru in improving sleep quality nationwide through our ongoing website maintenance services.