Web Design and eCommerce for the West Coast’s Biggest Animal Feed Producer, Star Milling

Star Milling has been family owned and operated for over 50 years, but that doesn’t make them small by any means– They’re one of the biggest animal feed producers on the West Coast! When we were contracted to build their site, we approached it in two tiers, first redesigning the bulk of the site, and then building a robust eCommerce system that would serve their many dealers.
Because of Star Milling’s age and wealth of products, their old site was over 200 pages with product pages included. Tackling it was no small feat, making it a visually appealing database of valuable information? That was our forte!

The Problem

Star Milling was built on an old depreciating PHP system that the old website devs had abandoned. It wasn’t easy to make changes, the system easily broke, and it didn’t handle the many changes that needed to be made on a daily basis, to keep a large company running. Users complained of slow processes and broken links, and sometimes the website was altogether inaccessible.
Not only were we able to move the entire site to a modern PHP system (WordPress), we were able to upgrade the performance significantly and integrate an entire custom eCommerce platform (WooCommerce), that handled their 200+ SKUs. While this was a massive undertaking, we brought over 300 customers, with their unique usernames and passwords, three different customer types, and modified the entire system to be weight-based freight and local pickup.

Why Star Milling was impressed with our work

While picking a web design company is rarely easy, Star Milling knew they could trust a local company with the portfolio and experience to tackle their massive website. From start to finish, Fingerprint handled every hurdle professionally, and flexibly, launching a site that will serve Star Milling another generation and beyond.

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